Have You Ever Wondered Whose Life Are You Living

Have you ever wondered whose life are you living?

Think about this.

You wake up one day and you realize that you have done everything in the checklist: the career, the job, the wife/husband, the kids, the house, the trips, the cruises, etc. And… you do not feel fulfilled.

This was “Tom” in a conversation with me this past week.


You are in a relationship that is painful, that you can’t help yourself but to be reactive, even though “nothing” is bad in your relationship, you can’t help but be snappy, be defensive, be wounded.

This was “Delilah” last week.


You work hard, put in all the hours, and are doing everything to get the promotion, to get the business moving. You invest, you look for the opportunities and no matter how much it may seem that you might get ahead, you don’t get ahead as much as you know you are meant to.

These scenarios are representative of so many people, so many of us.

Whatever your circumstance are, I ask you right now to stop and take a moment.


And ask yourself, whose life you are living? As much as that question might seem weird, really allow your awareness to give you the answers.

More than likely this is what you might find:

If you find yourself in Tom’s shoes, you will realize you are living the life that everyone else — your family, society, your friends, etc, have told you that your life needs to be like.

If you find yourself in Delilah’s case, then ask yourself, who do I know that has lived their life like that? You may find you are living the life of your mom or dad, repeating their patterns, their wounded patterns.

If you find yourself working hard and nothing really spikes, then it would be the same case, you are living under society’s, family, parents programming.

Then again, whose life are you living?

You think you are living your life, but are you really?

Most importantly, now that you know whose ‘life’ you are living, do you still want to keep living as you have been?

Now you may ask, “Then what life am I meant to live then?” – The answer may seem obvious:


And HOW is the bigger question. How does it look? What is it about? How do you build it?

Awareness is the first step to create something different.

The next step would be to take action.

The third step is to listen and envision.

We will use these three steps to create an alignment with your Soul Path.

What do I mean when I use the word “alignment”?

There are so many people that talk about ‘alignment’ and it seems that not everyone is on the same page on that definition. To be ‘on the same page’, let me explain.

We are going to refer to ‘alignment’ as living our life as Soul and Source intended for us to live it.

This Path that You are on is the highest version of yourself at any given moment.  This is the Path where you get to be the purest version of yourself.

The thing is, who you are has deviated a bit (or a lot) as to who you TRULY are because of everything that you have absorbed while living on this earth.

Who you are is the most expansive, light, bright, loving and abundant self in the Universe. However, not only have you have forgotten, but you have also taken other people’s identity and have been living life as someone different from who you truly are.

The next step we mentioned would be to listen and envision.

Who are you to listen to?

That is the trickiest question because at this moment you don’t know what you don’t know and you know what you know.

But is what you know real? Is what you know really what you want? Is what you know fully helping you create everything that you could be creating?

For example, if you “know” that working hard is the way to have what you desire and that has not been helping you, then what? Two very important questions must be asked, “Is that a belief? Is what you ‘know’ really true?”

If you want to create something different, it is important to realize why you are wanting to create something different. Where do you get the desire from? Like “Tom”, are you wanting it because subconsciously you have been told you needed it? Or are you wanting it because it is part of your Path because it was meant to be created for your ultimate highest experience? And how do you know which is which?

That is the ultimate question, how do you know where is it coming from–programming or your truth?

That is where you are invited to connect with your Soul and learn to listen.

This is a very powerful space to create your life from. Now I know what you might be thinking, “how do I do that?”

Meditation, a specific meditation to connect your awareness to your Soul.

Once connected you can start to receive a little or a lot better of what it is you are meant to create and have in your highest Path.

You will receive much more the as you release, shift, transform beliefs that you might notice but also and ESPECIALLY beliefs that have been seeded in your subconscious.

Why is all of this important?

Because of the reason you came here to this Earth.

Why did you come here?

To experience.

To expand.

To live fully.

To feel.

To be YOU: joyful, vibrant, happy.


One more thing, you can’t feel happy, vibrant and joyful without having a vision, a vision that includes knowing where you are going and the kind of life you are meant to live on your soul-directed Path.

This doesn’t mean that you need to do grandiose things. This just means that you need to know where you are going and it also means that you do not need to know what the Path is going to to be like, however, if you set your intention for how you would like your journey to be, then it will be so.

Having a vision is what pulls you out of the funk, it is what wakes you up each morning. Having a vision and walking and working towards that is what keeps you motivated. Having a vision will give you your True North.

Let’s recap. To live the life that your Soul intended for you:

  1. Become aware
  2. Connect with your Soul
  3. Listen and envision
  4. Create your Vision
  5. Take aligned action

That simple.

And it is more powerful if you do this envisioning of the next 5 years of your life as well, so the Creation Energy of your vision pulls you forward.

I have created this powerful program CREATE YOUR FUTURE where we are going to do a full dive-in for a whole day into the creation of 3 out of 15 areas of your life. As soon as you sign up you will get access to begin the process to understand how it all works as well as access to the workbook to start to create the all 15 areas of your life NOW.

This program is very close to my heart! We will be working together in creating your vision by:

  1. Connecting you with your Soul
  2. Clearing the way for you to have what you are meant to have
  3. Aligning and integrating your truth (This will be an important piece of integration that day.)

This will be a deep-dive and profound experience!

I am ready to bring this to the world, whether you decide to join me in person in Denver or whether you decide to join me online, regardless, the process is going to be profound.

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I look forward to having you join us!!!

Don’t wait until the last minute.


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