Why Send Love And Light To Those Who Do Not Need It

Why send LOVE AND LIGHT to those who DO NOT NEED IT?

I am the kind of person that whenever I learn something, I like to teach it right away. Perhaps I do that because it is a way for me to anchor what I am learning. Perhaps I do it because I learn more as I teach others. Perhaps I do it because I love teaching.

In 2016 I was on a journey of teaching. I would go on Facebook all the time and go live with my teaching to help people with different topics. I would always listen to them as they shared things that were coming up for them, and I’d then help people shift or expand where they needed to. In my mind, I was following the traditional idea of being “the teacher.”

There were beliefs I had about being a teacher that I realized were holding me back:

“You are there only for others.”

“Whatever you go through is for you to just figure out and keep it to yourself.”

“Only teach it when you have gone through the lesson.”

And my favorite, the belief that, “If I bring my stuff out, then I am weak. Then I am not strong and they won’t see me as someone that can help them”.

That only worked for a while. We grew up being taught these things by our parents and our grandparents because it was what they were taught. But the reality is that the world is changing.

Well, I was teaching back in 2016. I was the leader of this big group of Souls going through a special transformation. And I had all those beliefs I mentioned above. So in my mind, I couldn’t share my problems with the world!

However, last time I checked, I was human. I was human then and I am human now, still

I was going through a big challenge in my life in 2016. It’s hard to remember the details now, but what I do remember is that all of the sudden I wasn’t feeling good, my body was achy, I was feeling depressed, I was feeling sad, and I was scared. Then, in the midst of these challenges, I clearly heard: “Go to Facebook and ask your community to send you Love and Light.”


Wait… What?

My whole body started to tremble and my stomach felt like someone had just punched me in the gut.

My whole body started to sweat.

But the voice came in again: “Go to Facebook and ask for people to send you love and light”.

On top of everything I was going through, whatever experiences I was trying to break through, I now had to face everything that this request was bringing up to the surface.

I felt small.

I felt weak.

I felt like I shouldn’t need anyone, and if I did, it was wrong.

I felt like people wouldn’t care.

I felt rejected.

I felt they would see me as a victim.

I felt like I wanted to hide.

Still, even as I was facing these challenging thoughts, I decided to go onto Facebook and post in my community.

I remember as I was typing that I could feel myself turning red. I remember my legs were shaking and the only thing I wanted to do as soon as I posted was to run away, run very very far away.

And because of this, I didn’t want to see my phone for hours. I was terrified.

What if nobody commented at all.

What if they ignored me.

What if…

About 3 or 4 hours later, I looked. And to my shock, I had at least a couple of dozens of comments sending love and light. Believe it or not this was a turning point for me. Something so simple shifted me in so many ways.

I now understood why my guides were insistent that I do this. Because it truly opened me up to receiving.

Receiving others.

Receiving me as another version of myself.

Receiving the Universe’s response through all those Souls.

It was truly a beautiful experience.

Since then I have asked several times for this request, but I would do it only when I felt called, when I needed it. The last time I asked for it was about two weeks ago. I have to confess that it is still not 100% easy.  I still feel my solar getting triggered every time I ask for this.

However, something magical happened this last time. This last time it wasn’t a couple dozen, or even a handful of dozens. This last time I received over 130 people sending me love and light!

The beautiful thing is that I totally felt the sincerity and the truth they were sending. Most of them truly send love independent or non-attached to anything in particular.

And I want you to notice this is a perception from my smaller self, as well as a projection from other people. Like attracts like energies, right?

However, the thing that was the most powerful was the realization I gained from this incredible demonstration of love.

What came to me as I was feeling all this lovely energy was, well if so much love is sent to someone that is not feeling quite good and it helps the person elevate their energy. Then, how much more higher energy we can create if we send to those that DO NOT need  it.

See, it would be like in the movie, Monsters Inc. When the Monsters scare the kids, they are able to obtain energy from the kids. However, when they make the kids laugh, they are able to obtain a CRAZY amount of energy.

This refers very much to what Abraham Hicks says: If you feel sad, you get to shift your vibration one or two tiers higher. For example, you can go from sad to anger perhaps, but you can’t jump into absolute joy because the gap is too big. So, if we send love to only those that need it, we definitely help, but only to a certain extent because the gap is too big.

Now you may ask, what good does it do that you send love to those that do not need it?

Just like in Monsters Inc., if we start to send a lot of massive love to everyone that does not need it, because they are already in a good vibration, they will affect not only everyone that are physically around, but also those they are connected with. Therefore, if anyone is feeling down, they would receive this jolt of energy and it would have tremendous effects on their consciousness.

Even more, imagine if lots and lots of people feel this giant increase in love and light energy. These people would boost the energy of this world and this planet, affecting more deeply and perhaps even more permanently the consciousness of the planet.

You see, this is not about not sending love to those that need it. This is about amplifying the energy via the people that already have the fire light up. And that at the end of the day it will help us all.

Now to really bring about this powerful energy, I highly recommend that when you do it, you tune in with your heart first. See, most people say it with their mind, and saying it with the mind is like having your computer telling you I love you.

Not much right there, right? So put your right hand on top of your heart and send love to all people that are joyful right now, that feel peace and feel pure love and are beacons for the whole world.

The more you do this, the more we can contribute to the expansion of the consciousness of this planet now.

What do you think? Are you in? I look forward to see your commitment down below to contribute in exponentialize the energy of this planet?

Also amplify this energy via sharing this blog.

United we can change this world.



  1. Cait on March 27, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    I’m in! This makes so much sense. When you asked me about sending it to those who don’t need it, initially I didn’t understand the question. I think from this perspective we all need love & light sent to us to become our best selves, & to create the best possible world. ???

    • Lisseth Wertz on May 9, 2019 at 3:58 pm

      INDEED! It is like using those making it a LOVE BOMB!!! Focus on those so we can really amplify that energy of love. Thanks so much my dear for your contribution! Sending you so much love.

  2. Brenda Hardwick on March 27, 2019 at 10:47 pm

    I agree with much of what you’ve said here, Lisseth. I believe that everybody needs love and light, and especially those whose vibrations have already been raised. We are all working to collectively raise the vibration of every human being we meet and engage with on a daily basis. Individually, we can’t save the world, but as a group, and collectively, we can each save one person at a time creating the ripple effects that will cover the world. In order to do that, there is a need for us to share our love and light with each other to replenish the supply we use to help raise others. It’s a love fest!!!

    • Lisseth Wertz on May 9, 2019 at 3:57 pm

      YES! YES !YES! So much yes to this Brenda!!!!

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