Why Are We Here On Earth Now

Why are we here on Earth NOW?

Many of us went through the HATCHING process, and when you hatched, you felt like you could take on the world, right?

The HATCHING was an invitation for us all to get adjusted internally, getting us ready for the next level in our lives here on Earth. Some of you had a harder time than others, and I’m going to tell you why.

Overall, we’re here to EXPERIENCE and GROW. But, let’s break it down even more. There are TWO things we are here to do:

  1. Purpose
  2. Mission

These are not the same thing.

In this post, we will talk about the first one. Your PURPOSE is whatever you, as an individual soul, came here to Earth to accomplish this time, in this life. It could be to grow to the next level spiritually, or to learn to be happy, or to learn to trust.

Think about this. What was the “modus operandi” (M.O.), meaning someone’s usual behavior or motivation, of our ancestors to grow? Their M.O. was struggle, pain, the hard way, RESISTANCE. THIS is why so many of you had a hard time with the HATCHING process. Our ancestors lived that way so long, it became a default setting in our DNA. We are made to believe there is no other way. That is a lie.

Remember, YOU asked for this growth. You’re asking to heal, to be a bigger impact, to live a bigger life, to be the YOU that you are meant to be. For many of us, our PURPOSE has to do with this default setting. If your ancestors struggled, believed they HAD to experience pain in order to get to happiness, than your purpose will be to overcome that. Whether it be through learning to trust, learning to love, raising your vibration, whatever.

Do you really believe that your purpose is to suffer? To have it hard? Or do you believe your purpose is to BE HAPPY? To experience LOVE?

It’s time to change your default setting, and it’s as easy as CHOOSING something different now. Read that line again. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You can lower your resistance, let go, and…wait for it…SURRENDER.

Surrendering Is The Key To All

I am being invited to be a sort of nomadic healer for a little while. I have no idea what that will look like, but I’ve surrendered to it, and it feels AMAZING.

SURRENDER. I know you know what the word means. Now, get it out of your head, bring it down, and ground it in your heart where it belongs. Don’t think about it. Don’t go to a place where your mind is in play. It’s time to release the belief that if it’s easy, you’re not really growing. Release the old program that tells you the only way to JOY is through PAIN. Open your heart, and remember, JOY IS WHO YOU ARE.

See the default, the old beliefs, and acknowledge them. Thank them, and give them a huge, HUGE hug. They are what brought you HERE. Be grateful. Then, let them go. We have all experienced most of our lives through struggle. That was the old way.  You are now being pushed to choose something different.

I’ll say it again. SURRENDER is not from your mind. Your mind will try to talk you out of surrendering, because that’s its job, to keep you safe. Thank your mind and get into your heart.

Visualize the one thing you struggle with, whether it be just today, or your life PURPOSE. Now, say to it, “I see you. It’s okay.” Give it a hug with all the love of the Universe. Release it, transmute it, send it back to the Light, whatever feels right. Then, ask your guides, “What is my next step?”

Then, ALLOW what comes through, and remember, guidance comes very quickly.

Your mind may try to tell you to do something else, it may try to REASON with you, or even do BATTLE with you. SURRENDER. LISTEN. Where are you being pushed to? What are you being pushed to do? SURRENDER is more than TRUST, deeper than TRUST. SURRENDER is the next level.

Always remember, that if you need extra support, I am HERE for you! Please don’t hesitate to message, or email me for a private session.

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