What Is It You Need To Embrace To Have It All

What is it You Need to Embrace to Have it All?

Ghandi has a famous quote that I like to often refer to. “Be the change you want to see in this world.” So, ask yourself. What do you want to see different in our world? Do you want to see more love on this planet? Do you want to see humanity supporting and lifting each other up? Do you wish more people would make better and intelligent choices? It is time for a massive spiritual awakening on this planet, and that spiritual awakening begins with you!

You cannot love and support one another or yourself if you are running on an empty cup. You cannot make aligned choices when you are operating from a position of fear. You must be full of Source’s goodness in order to be the change you want to see in this world. When we are in alignment with Source, we are in alignment with ourselves, and then, and only then, can we truly give to others and be a source of inspiration for change.  


One way you can be an inspiration for change is to HAVE IT ALL! Having it all is different from person to person, but the one thing in common that all people want is love and joy. When you can embody love and joy into all that you are, you will attract everything you want into your life and that will become an inspiration to others.

But, that is difficult, isn’t it? It is difficult to feel love and joy and be in the flow when everything is all wrong in our lives. How are you supposed to accomplish that?

Tune into yourself. Be true to yourself. Discover what makes you feel love and joy. When do you feel at ease and in the flow? Examine what lights your soul on fire. Listen to what your soul wants to express. You must know what you want before you can bring it into existence.


The most important thing you can do to be the change you want to see in this world is to release the parameters you set up on yourself. We all have self-limiting beliefs, and when those are removed you can truly be who you are. So, you must get clear on what your limiting beliefs are that are preventing you from HAVING IT ALL


1.  Mind/Body 

Your mindset is your attitude and your thoughts from the conscious and subconscious mind that form beliefs. Beliefs create a perception filter, which then influences how we act and react. When we react and act, we are doing so from what we perceive to be the truth and not actually what is the truth. For example, when you approach a prospective lover for a date and he says no, you may think you are rejected. But, that person may really just have emotional baggage that prevents him from accepting your request for a date. He may actually really want to go out with you! So, if you are the person being rejected, this can create all sorts of self-limiting beliefs which can then form into a fear of asking a person out on a date, keeping you in a cycle of non-partnership. This mindset about yourself is blocking you from having what you want.

Now what if you’re an empath? You are sensitive to energy, and you are going to receive others’ thoughts which could affect you.You need to learn to differentiate your thoughts from another person’s thoughts because what you think affects your emotional and physical body. You may feel fear, worry, anxiety, and panic for no reason! And, since all of your bodies are connected, your thoughts from the mental body will influence the feelings in your emotional body, which then trickles down to the physical sensations you feel in your physical body. 

2.  Suppression 

We have been taught to suppress our negative emotions, so we ignore what is going on inside ourselves. We become afraid to look inside and process these emotions because we believe them to be bad. We just want to get rid of them. We don’t want to feel them. We don’t want to process them. So we stuff them away until we become so stuffed there is nowhere else to stuff them and we explode with rage, anger, worry, and fear.

You must stop this pattern of suppression if you want to HAVE IT ALL. You must examine your feelings. You must own your feelings. You must feel your feelings. You must process your feelings before you can change a belief. And, you must change your beliefs before you can HAVE IT ALL.

3.  Imprints 

These limiting beliefs and suppression of emotions leaves imprints on your spiritual body. It is like throwing mud on a light bulb. The light is there and turned on, but it is so covered in dirt that you are living in the dark. These imprints generate patterns in your spiritual body which creates blueprints – a profile of your human self – that cover up your original divine blueprint.

4.  Choices 

Many people make unwise choices based on their limiting beliefs. They make choices based on what they should do, not what they actually want to do. What do you really choose for yourself for you to HAVE IT ALL?


So, ask yourself, ‘do you want more?’ If your answer is ‘no,’ ask yourself, ‘how does having more not going to be good for you?’ Remember, the universe has an unfathomable size and it is always expanding, so how could you not want to be more? It is natural to want more and to be more. We evolve, change, and transform as we meet our goals, and we will always be striving for more. You are a magical being with so much to create. Do you want to bring your magic into this world?


The main thing to HAVING IT ALL is your level of awareness. It is the key to transform your perception which will then transform your reality. When you have a larger awareness, you have more abundance, more intelligence, more beauty, and more intuition. You step into your soul’s mission, and HAVE IT ALL.


I am so excited to announce that, beginning on February 3, 2017, I will be launching a new program that is going to heal the 4 blocks to HAVING IT ALL: your mind/body, suppression, imprints, and choices. During this six-week program, we will work on our emotions, unravel and rewire our minds so we can fully integrate with the I AM presence. This program will shift your energy, transmute your human blueprint, and bring in your original Divine blueprint. This is going to change things for you in a big way! 

You don’t have to have it all together to move forward. All you need is the willingness and the intention to change, and it will be. Take some time to practice being aware of your thoughts and emotions, and believe you can do it. Step into certainty and knowingness. You can move your own energy with your own choices!

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Blessings of pure love and light,


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