What If My Divine Wants Something Different?


A few months ago, in one of my group programs, during the first two weeks of our journey, I had someone realize something huge.

She realized that it was hard for her to let go and allow because she was scared. FEAR was strong. She had found herself in meditation with the big question.

“What if my Divine wants something different from what I want?

What if I am asked to leave my daughters?

What I am asked to leave everything behind?

What if I am asked to leave everything that I love and cherish?”

I sat for a few days with that question opening up to channel whatever was in the highest good for her and everyone else.

After a week or so I was able to answer. It felt very settling and very supportive, the answer was something like this: “The mind wants something different or the smaller self wants something different and our Divine wants what we truly want.”

To be truthful, I don’t recall exactly what I answered. I haven’t watched the video again since then, but I remember feeling really fulfilled with the answer.

I truly believed what I answered and to be honest, this is something that I have always known and shared with the leaders who I support.

The Divine doesn’t want to hurt you.

The Divine loves you, deeply, infinitely loves you.

It wants only what is best for you.

It adores you and wants to give you EVERYTHING that you desire.

I have known and felt this for a long time.


Little did I know I would be experiencing this conundrum first hand shortly after this question was posed to me.


It happened again.

I was asked to let go of everything.

My clients.

My group experience service.

My friendships.

My partnership.


Everything that was part of my reality was to be let go of.

At first, this was not easy at all.

Like AT ALL.

When this information hit I was in total denial – different than resistance.-

A person I was working with helped me receive the first message of this transition.

Although when she received it it didn’t feel right to me.

I had to sit with it and breathe.

I felt it wasn’t true but also felt it wasn’t a lie.

So I did what I always do.

I asked to see the truth and I asked for transformation.

What does that mean?

Well, I knew there was something there for me so I asked if there was some kind of lie, belief, system, program, structure that was not allowing me to receive this truth and if so – to please dismantle it from my beingness all the way from the level of awareness – dimension – this was being created.

See, at this point, I had discovered already that sometimes the illusion, the shadow that doesn’t allow us to have what we desire sometimes resides in another dimension of self beyond the 7 dimensions we have in our body.

I have encountered things all the way in my 40th-dimensional space and sometimes even beyond. Because I knew this, I asked.

I am a seeker of truth mainly because my drive on this planet is to be my Divine. My Divine to me means freedom. Being free from all constructs, beliefs, experiences that caused me to be who I am not.

Sure enough, a few hours later I tuned in and I knew. It was true. The thing that was not letting me receive truth was the attachments to fulfill agreements. It was time to let go of everything.

That started for me a whirlwind of things. That happened the last 10 days of October and literally, my life has not been the same since.

So much has changed. Things I knew were going to change, changed and things I didn’t know I needed to change, changed.


Hell NO.

My Divine asked me to leave everything around my business. EVERYTHING.

Why you may ask?

Because it wasn’t in alignment with who I was BECOMING, ANYMORE.

And that anymore is the KEY.

See, as I mentioned, the reason for me to be on this planet is to totally experience Divinity and especially MAGIC created through this physical vessel. Hence my intention always and foremost is to be MY DIVINE. – In truth, I believe that is why we are all here, but that is for another day.

From that space, I know I have it all and create everything that I desire more and more. I know I am meant to create – and I am creating – embodiment of unconditional love, wealth, infinite source of money, connections and the coolest thing – to me – is MAGIC. To me magic is about us, creators, learning to play with our energy and create what we want.

My intention and commitment are to be my Divine. True creator.

And what I was creating was in the old grid.

I didn’t know.

This actually caught me totally by surprise although it is something I had been asking for 2 years.

Finally, it was here.

I was abruptly invited to move into the new grid, the new world, the new reality.

It was not easy, literally and physically. It was actually painful in my body.

Although it was something I had requested so much, at the moment of choosing it wasn’t easy. I was surprised and I couldn’t understand why but I did go through it.

Now, little did I know what would come of this experience:.

Basically, an entire dismantle.

To do a quick recount:

I let go of everything in my business: team, clients, programs.

For a whole month, I was a nomad in Hawaii not knowing at all where I would be sleeping the following day, totally being guided by my Divine team.

I let go of my partnership.

I let go of the old way I was facilitating.

I let go of myself.

I was upgraded at a molecular level.

I am on my way to totally be reinstated in my original Divine Human Blueprint.

I had to step into the role of leader of leaders – and I am still a work in progress.

I have been reaching out to the leaders of leaders – totally getting out of my old self and comfort zone – for a very unique transmission that is new to Earth.

I am totally reconstructing my business from ground zero.

I am totally creating ALL my life right now. – thank goodness for the program I did at the beginning of the year, “Creating your Path” as it is helping me now.

And that is just to name a few.

All that came from something so “simple,” shifting GRIDS.

Was it worth it?

I believe so, although as I am still reconstructing my life, the fruits are coming and I BELIEVE it more than ever.

I FEEL who I am more.

The MAGIC that pours is just beyond.

So, to the question “What if my Divine wants something different?”

Well, sometimes it may seem like it.

It definitely felt like it when I was stranded on my road to Hana on Maui.

And it definitely felt like it when I forgot twice my ID while trying to rent a car in Maui.

Or the time that I was guided to work on my prostitute archetype in Makaha even though that place holds very strong OLD masculine energy and all the cellular sexual trauma I was not conscious about came to the surface and not in a pretty and easy way – especially for a sensitive person.

Or the time I had the conversation with my – now – ex of how we need to keep going each in our separate paths even though there is love.

In all of those moments, it definitely felt like the Divine wanted something different. But in hindsight, I recognize that the highest version of me has asked and keeps asking because my ultimate commitment is to be who I am. My Divine.

I believe that I am creating massive everything for myself in this path – embodying me, my Divine essence because it is the LAW. Like attracts like: the more I am my Divine the more I have as everything is a creation of my own Magic being channeled by this Divine vessel.

Now, you have to really want what you are asking for and that is the biggest issue that I see in us.

We ask but we don’t want to let go of the old.

Let’s say you are asking to be the CEO. The Billionaire CEO that is totally adored and honored by your partner, who everyone loves and most importantly that you unconditionally all the time love you.

You are asking to create the impact to millions because you know they are also meant to have it all and be it all but you are not willing to let go of your smallness – YET.

You are not willing to let go of the old playground that is actually more like jail.

You are not willing to let go of the old relationships and the old way of making money.

You are not willing to BE the Universe because some part of you feels that you, becoming, will disconnect you and will not support you and give you what you want.

You are still playing in the old reality of playing human and all the old constructs with playing the Divine.

Well, you want to keep believing that.

That is your choice.

But know that there is only struggle in that space.


Your Divine doesn’t want something different from what you desire.

Your Divine wants what you desire because you are the DIVINE.

You are GOD personified.

There is NO separation.


I love you and remember,

The Divine You Are Creates YOUR World.

How are you working on embodying your Divine Self?

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