My Training


Certified Coach & Instructor of DNA Activation HRC, Gustavo Castaner,  Ascended Relationships

Quantum Success Coach Academy, Christy Whitman

Energy Mastery Advance Certification, Karen Lamarck

Bars Facilitator, Access Consciousness

Duality, Jeffrey Allen

Money mastery, Rikka Zimmerman

Aura reading, Rose Tree

Releasing Cords of attachment, Rose Tree

Spiritual Response Therapy, Malabika Shaw

Connecting with your mind, Sai Maa

Reiki I, Tami Harms 

Shamanic Training, The Vibrant Tree 

Quantum Life Coach,  Sandra Anne Taylor 

Enlightment Program, Psychic Boulder institute

Past Life Regression, Robert Blonde

The mind and Energy, Dr Joe Dispenza

Angel Therapy, Doreen Virtue 

Shamanic Training, Garret Duncan 

Munay Ki Energies, Christine Hart 

Psychic Studies, Aspen Program 

Angelic Studies, Jen Dundee, Angel Mentor