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Time to let go of that ONE MAGIC PILL

A lot is going on in the world right now. So many of us seem to think that the planet is going awry. But those of us who remember the path of ascension know that yes! it is getting worse only to get better

To understand this better I want you to imagine how you’d upgrade/remodel a kitchen or a bathroom. First, you destroy the old and then build the new in the space that has been opened up. Sure, that process creates a lot of chaos and that’s exactly  what we’re going through right now. 

We are walking towards the New World and we’re in the destruction phase and because we’re an intrinsic part of this evolutionary journey as we are part of this planet, this also has to happen within each one of us.

Now, many of us have been on this journey consciously for a while and have been doing our best to do the work. And many  of us have been on the journey without even realizing it.

Which journey, you may ask? 

The journey to the New World, that is, coming back to our truth, to who we truly are. 

These are the ways you may recognized someone is on the journey:

Physical Awareness. People who are doing the work in this area either have had problems with their weight or physical health so they start eating better and working out, maybe they even add some yoga to the mix. They also do all kinds of physical activities, and are very focused on improving all aspects of their physical experience. 

Mental Development. This is the classic mindset work where people learn to hone in their thoughts, their mind. They shift from leading their lives on autopilot, believing everything their mind says, believing blindly all the thoughts and beliefs they have to being aware they are not the mind and being the one telling their mind what they actually choose to believe.

Emotional Breakthroughs. This one is a bit trickier and probably one of the most important works to be done in these times. People in this phase are actually looking to heal trauma that makes them either feel jumpy, anxious, disconnected or numb. You find here either people that feel “too much” or “nothing at all’ looking to “heal” and embrace all of their emotions in a healthy way.

Energetic Evolution. This one is all about working with your energy and also the beyond, the Quantum Field. People that tap into this do a lot of Soul growth, Subconscious shifting, clearing patterns at a core, and they get drawn to this because their Soul is calling for a lot of healing and, most importantly, transformation, shifting back to your original essence. A lot of topics around boundaries, awakening their gifts, increasing their Spiritual connection and unleashing their ultimate potential are found here. 

Okay, now tell me – which one was your entrance point?

What do I mean by that? Like I said, when the Soul is called to grow, something happens in our lives that makes us take a step towards healing and growth. 

For you it might have been healing through energetic work, whether with angelic healing, theta, reiki or quantum work. 

The thing to keep in mind is this: it was an entrance point. 

Also remember that  we’re here for the journey to come back to our truth, Divine Human Beings. That means we are more than just our emotions, more than just our thoughts, more than a just physical body, more than just our spiritual self. 

We are complex beings who are here to evolve in all areas and to create integration of all of them as they are all part of who we are. 

However,  we’ve grown up in a society that teaches us to get that job and just make money to pay the bills, instead of moving through life mindfully, intuitively and abundantly

This one-track existence has oriented our subconscious to simply look for that ONE MAGIC PILL that will fix it all, instead of looking at healing/growth/transformation as a journey. And not much has changed even when we started being conscious about this mechanical existence post the 50s and 60s.  

So what was meant to be an entrance point ended up being our stagnant point. And that’s why so many of us are still looping, striving, trying to achieve the-happily-ever-after ending instead of moving into the next phase of our own evolution.  

Now, please do sit with this – even though you may have been including other areas in your growth journey, subconsciously you may still be running the programing of that one magic pill: if I do this one thing I will be fine or everything will work out. 

Let go of the magic pill. 

I invite you to let go of that programing – here is an energy clearing statement to repeat as many times as you are called:

Anywhere in your beingness, in your conscious, subconscious and unconscious, where this programming might be either lingering or running your life – striving, always feeling like you’re not whole and there is more to fix and/or trying to find the one solution, telling you that if you just do that one thing you will be happy or in harmony, or in balance, or… delete, rescind, denounce, recant across all time space and reality. 

Move into wholeness. 

If you have been only dedicating yourself to mindset work or energy work or emotional work, ask your Spiritual team to guide you. Ask your Higher Self to show you what the next phase of your evolution is and be open to it. 

Diving into other areas more than likely will get you out of your comfort zone you might bump into resistance as there might be density right there for you to free yourself from, so keep in mind that your mind and ego might try to detour you or hold you back. 

That is why I highly recommend you to set your intention to become who you truly are, Divine in physical form and with that the next phase will be revealed with more ease. Then all you gotta do is dive into it. 

Embrace the new paradigm.

The new paradigm is all about becoming fully you – integrating physical body, emotional awareness, mental development and energetic sovereignty. 

Simply put, it’s about being the Divine Human: leading your mind, feeling in your body ALL the emotions, shifting your subconscious, eating well and moving your body and listening to your Higher self as you keep becoming who you truly are:

An unlimited being having an adventure on this physical realm. 

Sending you massive love, 

Lisseth Makhael
Quantum Leap Facilitator and Soul Leadership Embodiment an Integration Agent.


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