The Beginning And The End

The beginning and the end

The alpha and omega

The end and the beginning

The all and nothing

If we could only embrace all of it at once

Beyond understanding

Beyond knowing

Beyond existence

To feel it through our pores

To breath it in and out

To make it part of our cells, all the way to the quartz

Oh wait…!

It is already there

Then what’s missing

Where is the missing link?

It is our mind

It is our mind that is not connected

How come? What can we do about it?

So many people only relies on it

Ask the mind to figure out everything

Like asking the hostess of the restaurant to cook our delicious meal

instead of asking the chef

What is the missing link?

Is it perhaps love….


What a charged word for some

Let’s go deeper

Into the infinite

And beyond

I know you will find it

I trust you will find it

Because is already there

I get lost in it

I soak in it

I get drunk in it

I go back to the beginning

To the alpha

 To before creation

Oh my!

I am gone

 I am here

I am everything

I just remember

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