The Act Of Prayer

The Act of Prayer

 When you ask for the Divine to enter your Life and transform it, you will be led to make changes that take you out of your comfortable patterns and into radical new territories. 

You may pray to be more abundant materially, emotionally and otherwise. What happens next is that you are guided, step after step, to step into your true sacred gifts and talents with courage and conviction. You are led to stop settling for a mediocre existence wherein you are hiding your light from the world. You are schooled with the Divine Wisdom that as you give of yourself as your Soul intended, so you shall reap abundantly. 

Jesus put it this way: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else shall be given unto you.” 

So, when you pray for more riches on the outer levels of your life, you are taken by the Divine into the interior spaces of your Soul. You will first have to look at all the places where you’ve been hiding in denial of your true power. Any tendencies toward victimhood will come to the surface. All the emotional ‘stuff’ that has been pushed down and back for years will come up for healing and transmutation. 

Praying for a better life means that you are put in the driving seat of it – and realise that you are the one allowing negativity, toxic drama or sabotaging patterns to prevent love and abundance from reaching you. If you feel the energy of acute lack or impoverishment in any area of your life, you will be gently shown by the Divine how it is actually your own withholding of love, energy or time that is keeping you from feeling overflowing abundance.

As stated in A Course In Miracles, “Only what we are not giving can be lacking in any situation.” This means that instead of blaming other people or external factors for your experience of lack, the transformative power lays in asking yourself, “What am I not giving? Who am I not forgiving? What is the goodwill that I am not contributing?” 

When you pray for a better life for yourself and others, you will always be put onto the fiery, alchemical path of inner growth, consciousness-raising and self-realisation. 

This will answer your prayers in ways that you don’t expect, and they will nearly always be manifested in a manner that far exceeds what you originally asked for or realised was possible. 

You are more powerful, creative and capable than you will ever believe. You have the ability to channel God’s light and love in ways that defy and transcend your mind’s comprehension. There is more connected, heart-centred love and support available for you than you can imagine. 

When you ask for the Divine to gift you with what you think will make you happy, it doesn’t always fall straight into your lap without you having to get up from your comfy sofa. God knows what will truly make you happy in ways that ask you to expand your consciousness, your heart and your energy field. The Universe wants to stretch you, because It knows just how much Light you can hold and radiate once you are burst open to your own brilliance. 

This means, first, that you’ll be taken out of every holding pattern and relationship that is blocking the Light from entering and expanding your vibration. So, don’t be shocked when you ask the Universe for help and suddenly you find that your dysfunctional relationship or self-sabotaging patterns come up and smack you in the face. 

Beyond knowing

Please don’t whine that you’re not ready and you didn’t ask for it the cosmic reminder, the Holy Truth. Yes, you are ready. No, you don’t always like to face the truth. Yes, it’s challenging to come out of rigid, overly safe hiding places and look the demons in the eye. No, you won’t move anywhere near where you really need to be unless you do. 

When you ask the Universe for help, know that it’s coming – immediately. Know that you are supported and loved in more ways that you will initially feel comfortable to receive. 

You’re being put on the path of your Greatest Purpose on Earth, and that means that it’s no longer acceptable to deny the world your Light. Everything that you need will be given to you in order for you to undertake your holy purpose: there is nothing truer than this. 

“And that one Voice appoints your function and relays it to you, giving you the strength to understand it, do what it entails, and to succeed in everything you do that is related to it.” 

When you pray, you are in fact praying to be the Love that you are in every situation and every relationship. As you align to that deep, holy truth, you attract and create more than you could ever conceive of asking God for in the first place. 

Being the Love that You Are means that low-level energy will not hang around, because the energetics become too high.

YOU become too high for anything less than the very best to be connected to you. 

This is what happens when you pray for change, or for better. 

You change. And come to see that you are worthy of God’s love, abundance and never-ending light. You step up and out, and agree to be a vessel for the Highest energies that exist. 

Then, one day, you realise that EVERYTHING the Universe has to offer is being “given unto you”.

Sophie Bashford

Divine Channel. Intuitive. Healer.

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