I'm no longer faking being happy

I am a writer, I am a singer, I am a healer. I believe I’ve done every group program Lisseth’s facilitated and each one has been just mind-blowing in the quantum leaps that it takes you through. You know you get out of it what you put into it and I’ve put my heart and soul into every single one because I knew it was what I needed.

The very first programmed I joined, I was doing a very good job of faking being a happy person, since then I have been in the “I am that I am”, “MAGICfesting”, “Money and I” and I am now “Soul Gifts Biz” program, all of them unique and amazing and different and each of them provided me with these stepping stones to get to where I am today.

I’m no longer faking being happy. I truly am and I truly I have peeled away so many layers and released so much resentment and anger and fear that I carried around my whole life that really was starting to affect me in a huge negative way.

I am a totally different person and I’ve said that, but it’s not true, I am the same person with a lot of this dirt finally off. I’m the same diamond with a lot of this dirt washed off and cleaned off and now I am beginning to sparkle and shine and discover my gifts and discover my true purpose and my path, where before about a year and a half ago, I knew my life was taking a new path and I was kind of sitting on the road not wanting to move forward on it because I was scared, now I feel like I’ve got a good jog pace going and I’m gonna keep that up.

One thing I love about this stuff is that you know if you want baby steps that’s what you’ll get, if you want quantum leaps, that’s what you’ll get and that’s what she specializes in, that’s what I wanted and so she’s changed my life and I knew that would happen because we met at exactly the right time. Everything in perfect timing as she would say.

Her presence and working with her has really brought me to life to the point I never, never felt this alive before. I love her and she knows it and she’s wonderful and please join her programs let her let her guide you. Thank you.