Viknesvari Lisseth Wertz Testimonial 06

Lisseth Has Been My Soul Doula And A Piece Of Who I Really Am, Returned Back To Me

Lisseth is a true leader, simply because ‘she walks her talk’. She doesn’t share what she herself has not experienced, grown through or expanded from. She is a fierce warrior who shows up even when she is face down in the arena. I love Lisseth and her work, because she is the real deal. She questions and goes beyond why even business marketing is done in a certain way… Lisseth always shows you another way that feels aligned with you.

Lisseth is a powerful soul, who dares to call you out on your B.S. She calls it as she sees it. She is not here to let you play small or to pitter patter through your healing journey. Lisseth, together with her team, guides you to become more of who you really are.

That is what she has done for me. I have participated in most of Lisseth’s group programs – thoroughly enjoying the journey of unraveling – peeling away the layers of trauma, pain, limiting beliefs, the illusion, becoming more and more of who I really am by embracing all of me. Through Lisseth’s magnificent energy and self healing work – I found a community of women who are on this path as well. Thanks to Lisseth and my unfolding journey, I find myself in a space today of living in Spirit.

In a pivotal healing session, Lisseth connected me to my soul family and a deep healing was done. This healing at the soul level, helped me to pay it forward to someone very important to me. In this process, a truth that had been hidden all my life was revealed and a piece of who I really am, my story, returned back to me. It was a powerful healing process that opened me up for so much more. I feel so empowered and free. Lisseth has been my soul doula and I am so happy to be journeying this path of life together with her.

If you are attracted to her, she may have told you that your soul, your energy is attracted to her. Join us in the community and find out for yourself why you’re being pulled. Listen to the nudging of you soul and go where you’re being led. What you’re about to discover about yourself – will stay with you for lifetimes to come.