Lisseth Wertz Veena Testimonial 03 1

She’s Led Me Closer To My Purpose

I love Lisseth’s nature — she makes you feel comfortable, there is only openness and no judgment. Also I feel Lisseth asks the right probing questions that awaken my subconscious. She’ll say something today, and 24 hours later I have an idea or a thought that leads to something exciting and great. She has an incredible capacity for love, and totally non-judgmental. Her ability to know exactly how I was feeling and the root behind it.

On my first call with Lisseth, she pushed me on my purpose. She said there was more I was supposed to do that I wasn’t doing. This caught me off guard because I always felt I was on my path and had it structured. She unblocked an unconscious fear for me.

About 48 hours later after a session with her, I had a download and a vision of something I was supposed to build, that connected all the dots for me — why I was doing what I was currently doing for a living, what led me here, the network I built along the way… The best part was the idea was incorporated with all the fun things that I love about work and life. In 2 short months, this vision is materialised, and I’m moving full steam ahead with new found passion and purpose.

On another concrete occasion I had to deal with a difficult emotional situation I had with a live-in household staff. I felt that my staff was down and completely shut off, making it hard for me to communicate with or help her. Within a few days of seeking Lisseth’s help to balance energies, my staff came out of her void, and so far, is opening up, asking for hugs, and even being more positive in her whole approach to life!

Thanks to my work with Lisseth, I know now there is magic in something you can’t see and touch. What Lisseth does works, and I’m happy to know that she’s always there to be an activation guide when I need it.

She’s helped lead me closer to my purpose so much so that I wake up every day inspired by my work, and she’s also helped me with personal emotional issues. She’s gentle in her approach, so much so that you might not think it worked, but then in the coming days you start to see the effect and you know that it was because of the work done with and by Lisseth.