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I am trusting my soul and walking in my purpose

I found I could only take myself so far. I knew I was meant for more. I could see the vision so clearly, but I felt like I couldn’t access it by myself, or with what I had tried in the past. I hired Lisseth because I KNEW, my whole being knew, that she was the REAL healer and coach who could access me, see my gifts and my soul mission, AND what was in the way. She was the biggest commitment to my growth I had ever made. It was a huge leap for me. And I knew that she would be efficient, effective, loving, truthful, wise, and intuitive to the point of physic….really connecting with my soul, spirit, and my guides to reveal to me all the messages, healings, and direction I needed to hear and take action on.

Everything I thought, desired, and hoped for, happened with Lisseth’s private coaching. I went from judging myself, to loving myself more fully. From being aware of the patterns stopping me and feeling powerless to them, to having my power finally shift and transmute as they arise within me with more ease. I connect with my own inner guidance more clearly now, my visions are coming true, thanks to her guidance and the energy work we did together, I sold my business with ease, grace, collaboration and to the perfect new owner, and I got super clear on my soul mission, and trust my soul to bring it to life.

One of the biggest things I received was the end of an ancient pattern of mine to give away my power to things and people outside of me, helping me to know more clearly what is mine, and what is others. I am able to say NO, and YES with certitude, I am able to make more choices from my soul rather than from ego, I receive what I desire now more fully, I trust happiness again, and I feel like I could do anything, manifest anything as I truly know myself to be a goddess, the vanguard, the visionary that I am, and truly own it!

I give credit to Lisseth and her miraculous gifts, tools, programs/workshops, and awareness for busting me through the ceiling I had placed on myself my whole life, that even if other people couldn’t see, I could really feel it, and was suffering because of it. I had been playing so small. I couldn’t have expanded so fast without her and her powerful guidance!! I am finally free to be all of me and take action on my soul mission!

I have never known anyone like her, or was able to let anyone in to truly see me, get me, and assist me in my evolution. Life is more magical now, because of this magical human and soul, Lisseth Wurtz!!! I am so happy I had the courage and vulnerability to say YES to her, YES to myself, YES to more and more light coming to our world.