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My life is so different now I can't even recall what I was like

No clarity of words that would match the transformation I went through with you, Lisseth.

It’s also challenging to remember myself before. I finally have so many clients coming in, remember when I was struggling to receive them and even then, payments were not coming?

I am shifting from me doing the work, to me working with people organizations on their vision as I just know how to hit the right spot for them, plus let’s say I am doing it with a touch of life coaching. The creative work around design will be done by my team which it is what I’m creating now thanks to all the breakthroughs and expansion I went through with you.

What I want to create is a completely new model for the clients that need our services and for creatives to finally feel deeply inspired by the project they work on.

All that is besides the two other projects that I feel deeply inspired to create in the long run that has nothing to do with design. To be able to get this all up of course requires a lot of my own growth which is the best part.

Thank you for everything. It feels good to rise further with you. You are a life changer. Thank you for taking that role and leading us further!