Priscilla Lisseth Wertz Testimonial 06 1

My Soul came back to my body

Lisseth is great about guiding you to see things that may be out of your view in a very comfortable and safe process. She supports you in a way that holds you responsible for your part and also helps see where you can ask for help and receive what you need.

I have worked with Lisseth over the course of 3 years and in many ways from 1-on-1 to group programs. Before Lisseth, I was completely disconnected from myself and my body. In meditations I would pass out so quickly because my mind/body could not process what was happening. I could not feel emotion and never really “knew” my divine connection. Now I can process emotions, enjoy meditations and actually feel the energy happening around me and within me when we are shifting things. I have way too many things to say exactly what she helped with but I have more peace around money, I can find clients easier and run my business without holding back. I have learned what I need and want in my life and I would actually say I am spiritual and connected to my divine and the energy around me.

I am definitely more connected to my soul. I feel my confidence in myself has grown tremendously and I can also connect easier with others energy in a positive manner.

Working with Lisseth has been such an honor. She is highly intuitive, spiritually connected and highly skilled at what she does with people. I have seen major things in my life and business shift when working with her. Lisseth always seems to know what is happening with me sometimes even way before I am conscious of it. I highly recommend Lisseth if you are looking to tap into your natural gifts, be more connected to yourself in mind/body/soul and also to feel more at peace in your life.