Olga Abreu Lisseth Wertz Testimonial 06 1

Lisseth Teased My “True Me” Out Of Me!

Our journey ended yesterday. Not forever just for now. And today morning it hit me. Tears are streaming down my face and the keys on the keyboard are fuzzy.

You see, relationship with your soul life coach is like no other. Yesterday I was so excited to take off and venture to another adventure and today the realisation hit me. My best friend, my buddy, my safe net, my guide and life line has come to an end. We’re still going to see each other and support each other but it’s going to be different.

I feel like I have grown a little and I’m leaving the nest. I’m a teenager! And I have a great need to go backpacking, push my boundaries and test what I am made of. When I come back I hope she’ll have me back like a mother. I will drop my dirty laundry and she’ll feed me and love me. Because I will need her once again.

I was secretly hoping she’ll tell me, like in the past, honey you are just having a wobble and my job is to call you out when this happens, remember? But yesterday she said no, you are ready. We are complete. Oh crap.

I met Lisseth last year in California, baby! Long story, but I got to go to San Diego for a four-day retreat for life coaches from my coaching academy. We connected on Facebook beforehand and bunked together in the hotel.

I knew from minute one that she’s special and I need to explore what she is about. I wasn’t planning on hiring a life coach but I couldn’t not. It was calling me. So, a month later I did. And oh boy.

Let’s just say, 10 months ago I had no idea what was coming. For starters I was so lost. I had no confidence. I could barely speak and I didn’t know anything about myself. I just knew I had courage, bravery and a huge drive to change my life. I was adventurous and I was willing to give things a go.

Lisseth totally pushed my boundaries. Always showed the bigger, better version of me. Literally teased my “true me” out of me. It’s been a wild journey, a roller-coaster of emotions, but so worth it. And I went along with it, as uncomfortable as it was at times, because I knew she knows better than I. So today I am starting a new journey. Changed, grown up, happy, complete. Until next time.