Lisseth Helped Me Release Emotional and Energetic Blocks Preventing Me From Healing

I recently completed Lisseth’s “I Am That I Am” program and truly feel like a different person than when I began. I suffer from several chronic illnesses and felt that I had lost myself while navigating through these health issues.

I went into the program, hoping that I could release any emotional or energetic blocks that were preventing physical healing as well as wanting to develop my intuition so I could confidently make choices regarding my health.

Having finished the program now, these objectives were totally achieved. Yes, there are still health struggles, but my body has made progress in so many ways and I know a big part of it is due to how much more emotionally balanced and capable I feel when it comes to coping with stressors; This is a dramatic shift from where I was prior to “I Am That I Am!”

Also I find it so much easier to make decisions regarding my treatment and care now that I am so attuned to my intuitive inner voice. Gone is the belief that everyone else knows better than I do when it comes to my body and life choices! It is so much easier to trust myself and decisions now.

My husband has even commented on the positive changes he has seen in me during the course of the program. And The best part is that I am STILL growing and benefiting, even with the program being over.

I still employ the tools I learned and make more progress every day. I am so grateful for the experience and to be expanding in so many beautiful ways! If Lisseth’s warm, vibrant energy isn’t enough to convince you, take it from me. She is a gem and will guide you in discovering your potential, your true radiant self. Do yourself that favor, you are worth it!