Nancy Lisseth Wertz Testimonial 05 1

I Gained Clarity Around My Own Powerful Life’s Mission

My first experience with Lisseth was a group Space Clearing Workshop. I knew right away that her work was powerful and unique. As I started participating in her group programs I knew I wanted to work with her 1:1. I was in transition in so many ways and in trying to learn to create my new coaching business, but I felt like my voice was getting lost in the process as I kept following the different coaches that spoke in the industry.

As I started to work with Lisseth one of the things I noticed about her was that any session that we came to work with, she always really tuned into my energy, it was never about her agenda and what she needed to share, instead it was always about her really checking in with what I needed most in that session.

I found the sessions were very powerful. As I had a few big things come up over this past year of us working together, the work with her really amazed me. I was able to see every single time how quickly I was able to transition through things that maybe in the past would have taken a long time to work through.

Her support is immeasurable. She was always there for me and she would check in from time to time to see if I needed it, of course, she would also notice energetically that I would need the extra support

I did several of her group programs during that time as well and I found there was really great support in the groups that she created. People really came together to

support each other and do the work together and that created the bigger energy for more transformation as well.

One of the things that we’ve worked deeply and that was key for me was really learning to value my work and bringing more confidence in it. I have a ton of knowledge, abilities and skills but I really needed to go deeper into it. As a result, nowadays I’m really owning my value more, I’m really understanding who I am as a teacher as a coach as an energy healer and I feel like I’m approaching my business from this whole new level of confidence.

I am so grateful to her for guidance and presence and everything that she contributed in my path. If you feel called to walk the journey with her, do not hesitate in joining her, do it for you, do it for your Soul.