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You Inspire Me To Greatness!

Lisseth has expanded my awareness/thinking to the point of being uncomfortable all the time. She does this with so much love that even when I wanted to pull back I could not as love energized me and I knew where I was heading, right where my Soul wanted me to BE.

My main goal in joining the “Owning Your Path Group Experience” was to BE fully in my body. I definitely became more present in my body. I learnt how to connect with my Divine (did not even realize I was divine :-)) and I learnt to feel energy.

With every illusion that shifted I released more space to create what I truly want to see in life. My views shifted and are still shifting. I can now tolerate some resistance to my younger self. I used to not go near her. I realize the divine in me wants to embrace and love her. My environment at home has also changed. More light, more structure, more freedom, more joy, less sleep.

I definitely have to say that my biggest takeaway is that I am Divine.

Here I want to mention, I have worked with various coaches and they all brought something unique at the specific time. I am grateful for each of their guidance. Now that I work with Lisseth my growth has gone into orbit.

Never have I seen such fast change. Sure I did a lot of ground work to get here and be ready but the good news is it does not have to take that long for you. You can fast track by working with Lisseth.

The way she holds space for me and the commitment she shows towards my growth is a testimony to the person she is: Intentional/Focused, loving beyond expectation, dedicated to her own growth and world class at what she does as a result, her focus on supporting my break through into the new is as intense as my desire. Thanks Lisseth. You inspire me to greatness!