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Each Time I Work With Her It Gets Better And Better!

It’s been such an honor working with Lisseth for about two years now. I was in such a dark place and somehow was guided to Lisseth like a beacon of light that she is, and she’s truly been leading me home.

Lisseth has an uncanny way to create a safe space where you feel safe to bloom and be you, while embodying everything that you’re calling in. She makes you feel like you can fly and personally made me realize how amazing personal growth is! I’m so grateful for my experience with her.

Each container I’ve joined with Lisseth she presents something totally different, nothing is monotonous or boring. I had no idea Soul growth could be so easy, awesome, safe, and fun!!!!

One of my favorite things of the “Owning Your Path Group Experience”, I felt it was a very supportive/nurturing environment. I’m personally not one to show emotions, and for me to feel so comfortable to release sporadically like many of us did was such a beautiful thing. It’s like a sisterhood.

I’ve learned to heal my money relationship, call in My Divine, tap into the true essence of who I am, clear my own energy, call back my power, etc. Everything I have wanted from day one in this path.

I’m definitely more confident and vibrant being myself which I’ve never really been like that. I’m way more grateful, trusting in the unfolding of my path, loving to peers and myself which is new, super optimistic for my future but also my present, and way more connected to source. I’m learning to appreciate everything about me and make the most out of life.

I now know my triggers are signals for me to release and heal, the answers were there all along and I’ve been programmed to inadvertently use my dad as a scapegoat to avoid diving deeper in my inner work. MIND BLOWING!!! Also I know that money really is coming to me, and my dad’s money stories will never be mine. I’m very excited and feel so supported.

I’ve felt so safe in my expansion and just truly so wonderful in my own skin. I have so much love for the collective now, and finally am stepping into my power. I feel so good being me, more confident than ever, loving, grateful, trueing and SO excited for everything I’m calling in. It’s been amazing and each time I work with her it gets better and better. This was the first container I’ve ever done, and it’s been absolutely incredible. I am so excited for our other calls!!!!!!

I love Lisseth!!!! So so so grateful for you and the time you give to all of us. You’ve changed my life and made me blossom. I’m so grateful to have been guided to you ????????????????????????????