Debbie Hagedorn

I love you, Lisseth! Keep expanding

I prepped for this immersion like I’ve never prepped before. I knew it would lead to a much bigger part of who I truly am. I gave complete focus to both repeating the Open Your Heart journey as well as the immersion clearing prior to our call.

The call itself was very fruitful. Those who were in attendance brought up the perfect things to be destroyed. I gave full permission for complete destruction.

For me, the greatest structure that needed to come down was that of my mind needing to control my experiences and outcomes. I still feel her showing up and testing. I have been gently reminding her that is the old way and we are doing things differently now.

I asked for the code of truth, and it started flooding my experience. I am in the process of simply allowing this to happen right now.

My most recent work with Lisseth was participation in her Soul Leadership immersion. Prior to the immersion itself, which is a deep dive into your non-physical bodies to “clean house” and open up more of your energetic space for what you truly desire to come in, Lisseth offered many preliminary steps to take to prepare for what is a very intense journey. I chose to complete them all as though my life depended on my doing them. As my desire is to be my divine in the physical, indeed my soul is depending on me to do whatever it takes.

The immersions (this was my third one) are always the perfect group of souls who come together with the intention of each doing their own work. Within an immersion, though, things that are hiding in one person are brought up via what another person has to share, and therein lies the magic. Multiple clearings (I believe this time it was referred to as a mess of spaghetti noodles!) happen because we all show up for ourselves. The experience is nothing short of life altering!

In the days following the immersion, I continue to allow shifts to happen. There is need to trust, to allow, and to simply observe without judgment. The work is then completed in exactly the right time for each soul provided they take any inspired action every day that follows.

Lisseth has been a teacher for me from the very beginning of my journey to embody all of who I truly am. Her work is exceptional. If you are wanting to take big leaps instead of hopping along or staying stuck, you are in the right space.

Debbie Hagedorn