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You Will Not Regret It

I really appreciate Lisseth’s commitment to each of us and her constant dedication to the group and making videos for all of us for our weekly questions. Her energy, vibrancy and glow of life is/was amazing too.

The biggest transformation I went through in the “Owning Your Path Group Experience” was defined change of my business focus, pursuing another career that I have wanted to focus on for many years now but didn’t have the emotional ability to follow but now I am doing it.

I am definitely feeling a larger sense of happiness, confidence, no f’s given towards what other people are thinking/feeling about me, and a visceral feeling that my cells are being more accepting of nutrients than they were before. Not sure how to explain that yet.

My favorite and most profound takeaway was that change can happen in an instant.

Lisseth’s contagious energy and loving expression of life is imbued into everything she does. Her generous nature, kind heart and deep knowing all lend to instant magic and transformation while working with her if you feel the call to be guided by her, join her, you will not regret it.