Words cannot express enough all that you have done for me

Lisseth has absolutely transformed not only the way I look at the world but the way I look at myself.

I always knew I was an empath but I never knew how to control taking others peoples energies.

I constantly felt overwhelmed and anxious for no reason. Now I can block other people’s energies from attaching to me. There is never an overwhelming feeling anymore. I have worked with her in many ways. Months ago I was having physical chest pain. Then found out it I needed to clear all of the black matter and foreign energies inside of my heart. After a few sessions, all of that got out, we did it! Now the pain is completely gone! Our work together has helped my opened up to not only to feel more empowered but actually to tap into my soul essence and my soul gifts. And now I am using my gifts to serve other people in the world. I defiantly recommend her to anyone I come in contact with. I have never met someone who caters to what I need rather than telling me what I need. That is what sets her apart from any healer and coach. You can’t categorize her because she does it all. She listens to what you need and every person is so different. Thank you so much Lisseth for your gifts and your work. I feel that words cannot express enough all that you have done for me. I am grateful beyond measure.