Lisseth Wertz Ashley Testimonial 08 1

I Am Honored To Know Lisseth In This Lifetime

Lisseth is completely showing up for life by investing in her own self discovery on an ongoing basis. This creates so much more authenticity and connection in the space than if there was a teacher-student type relationship.

Lisseth has helped me with releasing a key pattern from childhood (having to be a specific person with specific characteristics in the family system) that kept holding me back from the next level of my expansion. The best part was when I realized that I don’t have to always revisit my childhood wounds to release them.

After our time together I felt greater ease, flow, trust, allowance, connection to soul and my deepest purpose.

My experience with Lisseth has been enriching, deepening and nourishing. She has a tremendous gift of bringing softness and grace, yet incredible power and sharp wisdom into the work she does. She has helped so many I know come into more of themselves, including many benefiting from her gifts as an expert in the Raising Humanity space. She is consciously committed to a world that speaks of love and truth. I am honoured to know Lisseth in this lifetime.