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I was able to successfully start my new business!

Lisseth has been such a shiny bright light in my life. When I met Lisseth I was on the upswing of going through a deep dark place where I was questioning everything and I was in a deep crisis of meaning.

I found my life’s calling when I was in that deep dark place so I’m very grateful for that. However I still had so many obstacles ahead of me that I met Lisseth at the most serendipitous moment halfway through studying my new chosen career and I jumped into one of her programs and I absolutely loved it, I started to transform and shift things that had been holding me back for so long.

Later on, as I was getting ready to really move forward to becoming an entrepreneur I immediately jumped into her “Money and I” program which is exactly what I needed at that moment because I was so scared of moving forward from being in a corporate job for a long time but I knew that I had this bigger purpose, I knew that I needed to do scientific hand analysis as it just speaks to my heart.

Lisseth really came through for me through that program as I was aware of a lot of the challenges and I wasn’t quite sure on how to break those blocks that I have held onto for so long.

I was able to quit my job almost immediately as I joined the program. She has taken me so far on my journey, I never envisioned being able to quit my full-time job and fully embrace my life as a healer and my business and I’m just so grateful, so forever grateful for all of the things she taught me and most importantly because she taught me how to believe in myself, to really believe in myself and that everything is possible.

Lisseth I appreciate you so much, I love you and thank you, bye