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She Has Taught Me More In 8 Months Than All My Teachers

Lisseth is an intuitive and powerful goddess who listens to your needs, supports you through self-questioning exercises to find answers, and then moves energy around to support you. She is loving and kind; and she is respectful of the path your soul is on.

Lisseth has helped me overcome deeply embedded feelings of not being worthy of love. This has resulted in me being open to the possibility of romantic love in my life. She has helped me release money blocks, resulting in long awaited funds arriving into my bank account.

Lisseth has facilitated my Spiritual connection and has taught me to think and speak from my heart. I am happy, I am confident, and I am ready to take on the world!

My biggest aha moment with Lisseth was when she asked me to ask my Soul what love is. I was shown images of sweet love, then an image of harsh love. I balked, and said that screaming is not love. Lisseth told me to check with my Soul. I was shown that abuse and screaming is love, but it is fear based love. Such an eye opener!

If you yearn for a deep soul connection, or if you need deep emotional healing, Lisseth will guide you on your path to wholeness.

Lisseth has taught me more in 8 months than all of my other spiritual teachers have done over the years. She is amazing, she is powerful, she is love personified.