1:1 Soul Co-Creation Playgrounds

Specifically for High-achievers, Soul visionaries, Leaders, Changemakers and Powerhouses who are called to create a life, business, & impact that flows from the heart, aligns with their soul, and unleashes their unique magic to the world.

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You Know You Are Here For A Reason

You know you were born to create magic.

Magic being something unique, something that no one else has, something that no one else can possibly create because it doesn't have your unique flavor.

You have always known you were born for more.

More meaning beyond what your mind can possibly imagine. 

More as of beyond, beyond all the physical, material things you create 

- Because you are a master manifestor -

More as a state of unlimited potential.

Keyword: STATE.

State of being. Truth. Wholeness. Divine. 

You know it's not a coincidence you are at this precise moment on this planet.

You signed up for it. 

You signed up for this special time when the planet would need the support of many Soul Leaders.

Really, you signed up to contribute with your special magic to the creation of the New World. 

The New World.

The Eden, where higher consciousness and Divine Embodiment reigns. 

Hence, you know you have a purpose beyond what you can even see right now. And you have a mission that gets revealed at every step of the way.

You also know the only way to fulfill both is to tap into your Truth in all of its aspects.

Unlock. Activate. Embody. Integrate and Unleash who you truly are,

bringing your soul gifts to life, to your life, and to this world.

We are talking about the next level of you, your essence, your magic like you have never experienced it before.

You Know Who You Are...

A powerhouse of achievement, a leader in your field, a success already in your own right in both your business and personal life

Beyond goals & dreams (they've already been achieved), now your primary focus has shifted to your divine spiritual evolution

No longer are you swayed by old programs and stories. You are driven to make a bigger impact that flows from your heart

You are being called from within to be one with the Divine and realize your full potential as a creator in the New World

Making decisions that combine both your logic and your intuition, and ultimately align with your Soul

You feel called to rise in your leadership, but are finding it challenging to bring it all alive 

And that's ok because that's why you're here...you don't have to do this alone

Allow your soul to accept this sacred invitation 

What Its Like To Work 1:1 With Lisseth?

As the leading global Quantum Leap Facilitator and Subconscious Shifter Lisseth Makhael will guide you to anchor in deep internal and external transformations. You'll dive into your soul journey at a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and quantum level like you've never experienced before.

Stepping into this sacred space with Lisseth, old energy, and programming that no longer serves you will be dissolved and hidden traumas that have been lingering in your subconsciousness for eternity will finally be healed.

You'll connect deeply with your Soul and the strength of your intuition will increase exponentially. Your gifts will become stronger and more prevalent as you build a strong foundation for the next phase of your journey ahead.

As you learn how to embody your Higher Self, any limiting subconscious patterns, unworthiness, or self-doubt will become a thing of the past, your ego will evolve, your frequency will rise, Quantum Leaps will become a frequent reality as your Soul leads the way.

Abundance and joy will beam from within you, your health will align with your body, and owning who you are will be part of your natural state of being. Opportunities will flow in, your business will gain more traction, and just when you think it isn't possible, there will be more.

Of everything.

As you embody the Creator you truly are.

Expressed Love
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I Am In Constant Awe Of Our Work Together

One of the best things about working with Lisseth is how I feel after our work – on top of the world – which lasts for weeks by the way.

In reality, working with Lisseth has brought so much to my life. I manifested and moved into my dream home, my yearly income grew by 80 thousand dollars, I hired 5 new people for my small business, my husband and I are more happy in our relationship, I have a few new friends. Deep contentment in my body. The kind of fulfillment one can feel only after soul growth.

I am in constant awe of our work together. Lately my big aha has been the realization that in order to feel like I belong, like I’m good enough to belong to the human family, I just have to be myself. It’s easy to say but it’s the experience of being in a social situation and realizing that being me is not only enough but what connects me.

Let me tell you one thing, working with Lisseth is so worth any amount of money. Not only will it help your income explode it will help your life burst into a celebration. It’s not always easy, there are crappy struggling times where you feel like its slogging through @#$%! mud. Yes you will want to swear! But the aha you gain that flips this state around is such a powerful learning experience. You will be so proud of yourself. You will feel so grateful. It’s just amazing how good you will feel in your skin. It is just so worth it to work with Lisseth.

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Lisseth Helps Me Get To New Levels

Deciding to work with Lisseth changed my life in so many ways. When we began our coaching relationship I was terrified to use my gifts. I was afraid I would let people down, not be good enough and so, I only had few clients in my business.

In my 6 months with Lisseth, not only was I able to fill my coaching practice, but I am no longer paralyzed by fear. My gifts are expanding every week and my ability to help my clients is continuously deepening.

One of the many things that I love about Lisseth is that she is always deepening her own work. Sometimes I’ll have a session with her and think wow that is the deepest I have ever gone, healed, transmuted , shifted ect… And then down the road I work with her again and it somehow is even more powerful.

Lisseth helps me get to new levels ALL the time. My most recent session I reached a new level of expansion and remembering I didn’t even know it was possible. I couldn’t have imagined it in my mind. I am so deeply connected to who I am as a soul, I literally remember choosing this lifetime. I remember how I felt when I did. I was so excited! I can SEE, FEEL, HEAR that pure positive perspective of ME.

This is a new definition of “remembering who I am”. It is embodying. It is becoming. It is shattering ALL illusion. And absolutely nothing is in my way. Thank you sister ????

Are You Ready For Your Soul Expansion?

To commit to a deeper impact, create a greater abundance, and align with your Spiritual path

-To bring in synchronicity between your Higher Self and desired earthly reality

-To align yourself to your highest purpose by unlocking more of your ascension coding 

-To open up, expand your creative channels, and bring higher-coding to your creations/purpose-work

-To master your unique energetic blueprint so you can live in flow, joy, and abundance

-To embody high-feminine leadership, multidimensional co-creation, and (internal) sacred union

-To integrate deeper receiving and sacred feminine coding into your Being to help you shift dense layers and patterns

Yes, I am ready to rise in my truth

Then Let's Co-Create Together

Lisseth is all about playing in the Quantum, Creation, Becoming and the New World.

The containers you see below are a direct creation of her Soul and your Soul alignment.


They are dynamic yet also set in a structured way to allow a focused expansion of what both Souls - yours and hers - are desiring to create together. All containers are infused with play & fun energy, deep transformation, transmutation, vision, divine action, abundance, and the Highest Frequency of Love. 


These transformational 1:1 containers are 6 or 12-months in duration or you can choose to do the deep and speed of light version through 1,2, & 3 VIP Immersion Days.


All of Lisseth's 1:1 options use techniques such as Quantum Multidimensional Transformation, Quantum Inner Child Healing, Subconscious Quantum Shift, DNA Activation, High-Frequency Unique Soul Codes, Abundance Activations, to name a few. 


Channeled and tailored to your specific journey and blueprint to support you in embodying your higher frequency, bringing your vision to life, and creating the legacy you are being called to bring forward to the New World.

Dive deeper into fulfilling your purpose, your mission, accelerating your growth and expansion and move into the next level of your journey with ease by joining Lisseth in one of the following 1-on-1 journeys.

Soul Journey Options

The Path to your creation, embodiment and legacy

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Soul Creation

Create your Playground
6-month Journey

This container is for the Conscious Leader, committed to creating their life and business in alignment with their Soul.

You have been doing the "work" for a while. And now you feel the call to up-level, to create in a more powerful way. 

Even though your practices have helped you to achieve success, your heart is calling for the next phase of your evolution. 

You have come so far but at times it's challenging, moves slowly, and your old patterns keep pulling you back. 

Your Soul is calling for you to create ALL areas of your life in alignment with who you truly are but you aren't sure how.

This is where Creation Playground comes into play for you. 

In this container we co-create those areas of your life with ease, and aligning with your Soul. Awakening your next level gifts, shifting deeply long-standing patterns. 

This journey is tailored to upgrading your frequency to enable you to Become more of your truth.

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Soul Becoming

Embody More of YOU
12-month Journey

This container is designed for the Soul Leader committed to  BEcoming more of who they truly are and stepping fully into fulfilling their purpose, their mission for this world.

You know you are a beacon of light, a Divine Being, a creator/creatix with unlimited potential. Yet you also know there are distortions in your field, programs, layers that need to be peeled to allow the Godself to fully be in your body. To enable you to be leading all the time, being all the time and creating a world that is beyond what your mind can currently comprehend.

Together in this year-long journey we will focus on four segments: Self, Partnership, Finances, and Mission. You'll step more into your power. Dive deeper into the guidance of the Divine. Play in the Quantum Field and create new possibilities, BEcoming more.

You'll move from doing to Being. Creating monumental shifts, living in true flow and attracting abundance fearlessly. You will BECOME your true essence. 

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Soul Legacy

Soul Leadership Legacy 12-month Journey

This container is designed for the Visionary and Changemaker who is ready to break the mold of traditional leadership. To upgrade their frequency. And to bring the higher codes of their Soul Mission into being to contribute to the New World.

Legacy is about alignment in every single molecule of your body and Being vibrating at the frequency of your Higher Self so your energy activates every single person that comes into contact with you.

Hence in this container we focus on key elements to support you on this journey: Quantum Creation of your Soul Vision, 5D Communication, Spiritual & Business Team Support, and last but not least Purity. 

This transformational journey is about anchoring and embodying you as a Soul Leader who honors the Divine in you and also in those you lead.

Creating a landscape of leadership that is sustainable, authentic, supportive and loving. One that is aligned with the legacy your Soul designed to leave in the world way before you incarnated. 

More Expressed Love
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Lisseth Helped Usher Me Into A Place Of Overflowing Joy

I had a one on one session with Lisseth that literally helped set me free from blocks that have been holding me hostage my entire life. Some I wasn’t even fully aware I had.

Trust me I get it…. I always felt that this “spiritual activation stuff” worked for others but not me. I want you to know I FELT the shift….I witnessed the damn break allowing all that I’ve desired to flow in…It can happen for you too!

She Helped Usher Me Into A Place Of Overflowing Joy.

She didn’t ask me to write this, I’m just so EXCITED and thought you all should know. If you’ve been on the fence, get off of it and work with Lisseth, your soul will thank you!

Lisseth Wertz Ashley Testimonial 08 1
I Am Honored To Know Lisseth In This Lifetime

Lisseth is completely showing up for life by investing in her own self discovery on an ongoing basis. This creates so much more authenticity and connection in the space than if there was a teacher-student type relationship.

Lisseth has helped me with releasing a key pattern from childhood (having to be a specific person with specific characteristics in the family system) that kept holding me back from the next level of my expansion. The best part was when I realized that I don’t have to always revisit my childhood wounds to release them.

After our time together I felt greater ease, flow, trust, allowance, connection to soul and my deepest purpose.

My experience with Lisseth has been enriching, deepening and nourishing. She has a tremendous gift of bringing softness and grace, yet incredible power and sharp wisdom into the work she does. She has helped so many I know come into more of themselves, including many benefiting from her gifts as an expert in the Raising Humanity space. She is consciously committed to a world that speaks of love and truth. I am honoured to know Lisseth in this lifetime.

Shifts you can expect during your journey with Lisseth

Transformation to the Divine Human you can become is a journey...one with many shifts along the way such as;

You'll heal traumas that have been lingering in your consciousness for eternity.

You'll connect deeply with your Soul.

Your gifts will become stronger and more prevalent.

The union with your Spiritual team will become more evident.

You'll embody your Higher Self.

Your deep limiting subconscious patterns will start to dissipate.

Ancestral healing and karma will at the level of your Quantum Field.

All the not-enoughness, unworthiness and undeservingness will become a faint memory.

You will unlock higher levels of joy.

You'll raise your frequency.

Your Ego will start to evolve.

Quantum Leaps will be a frequent reality.

Your Soul will lead the way.

You'll BEcome your SOUL.

Abundance will beam from within.

JOY will  be a permanent state.

Your Mission will be rooted in reality

Your partnership will improve.

You'll get more traction in your business

Confidence will become a natural thing.

Awareness will become natural to you. 

You'll start to feel who you are at a cellular level.

The next level will open up more and more.

And just when you think it's not possible...

There will be more... of everything.

It's time to embody the Creator you truly are

Looking For The Accelerated Version?

If you are looking for massive transformation in a short amount of time then 1:1 Immersion Days are for you

We go DEEP on our in-person VIP Immersion Days so you can start seeing results immediately. Maximizing your time together to accelerate your Quantum transformation. 

Each day is intense, cathartic, and life-changing. Calling on different techniques such as Quantum Multidimensional Transformation, Quantum Inner Child Healing, Subconscious Dive Shifting, DNA Activation and Abundance Activations Lisseth guides you through a journey to bring about what your Soul desires to create in this world. You will destroy illusions and distortions that are showing up in your field that are not allowing your creation to show up in alignment with your Divine.

Create a higher impact, a deeper version of yourself and step into who you are meant to be...quickly!

VIP Immersion Days

The Fast Track to Becoming More Of You

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Creation Immersion

1-Day Journey

On this journey, we come together in a sacred and safe space to connect and embody the real you.

You get to grid in any area you are looking to create and have in your life or business. Then we work together to clear any distortion that may be getting in the way of accessing all levels of your awareness. 

This VIP day is for you to design your new level of playground. The new aspect of you that's in alignment with the Divine and how you desire your reality to show up.

We may anchor in the Divine by

    • Collapsing timelines. 
    • Creating in the Quantum
    • Embodying your Soul
    • Receiving the codes that will allow you to keep creating

Create a higher, more expansive, and aligned reality in any area your Soul calling.

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Ascension Immersion

2-Day Journey

In the Ascension Immersion 2 Day journey, you get to unlock the next level of you. 

To explore deeper layers, enter those spaces where there's illusion and programs holding you back and to elevate, transmute, clear, and open up the Space for more Divine Embodiment.

Have your body and mind taken higher in your Ascension Path to help you embody Higher dimensions of You. 

Watch the magic unfold:

    • Go from Ego to Soul to Over Soul to Avatar
    • Tap into your unique Soul Gifts & Codes
    • Expand to the next level in your physical form
    • Integrate your purpose, mission, and business gifts 

Receive more of your Higher Consciousness and BEcome More.

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New Grid Immersion

3-Day Journey

This program is all about helping you project and the new era, new grid, and your new playground.  

Together we'll work with your Divine on your purpose and contribution in the world. 

We'll tap in and receive deeply, profoundly to update and upgrade all your matrix, your grid, and your experiences to match the new timeline your Divine is wanting you to be playing in. 

And with my guidance, you will tap into Your Avatar 12D self (or Higher!).

This Immersion is all about your impact, your legacy, your mission, and receiving more of your Higher Consciousness.

Go from Ego to Soul to Over Soul to Avatar, embodying more of your Divinity, and be prepared to anchor in a new reality totally gridded in the physical form.

Align yourself with your Divine Path, accelerate your growth, and create your true legacy.

More Expressed Love
Lisseth Wertz Rosalie Testimonial 05 1
I Was Able To See Major Shifts

One of the things I love most about working with Lisseth is her ability to know exactly how I was feeling and the root behind it.

Thanks to our work together I was able to see major shifts in my marriage and in my relationship with myself. I also have developed the ability to recognize triggers WAY faster and be able to release the reasons behind them. With her I learned that most of the conflict in my life was due to deep rooted wounds.

Working with Lisseth has been absolutely transformative. She has an ability to connect with your soul in a way that I never experienced before. Her voice is soothing and her smile is contagious!

She has a way of making you feel like you are her most valued client although she’s working with multiple amazing women at a time.

Her work is so magical that it’s actually hard to put into words. I can tell you this, if you want to look at the deepest corners of yourself, your heart, your soul, your mind, your spirit, connect with her now!

Your entire life will shift. I guarantee it.

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She Has Taught Me More In 8 Months Than All My Teachers

Lisseth is an intuitive and powerful goddess who listens to your needs, supports you through self-questioning exercises to find answers, and then moves energy around to support you. She is loving and kind; and she is respectful of the path your soul is on.

Lisseth has helped me overcome deeply embedded feelings of not being worthy of love. This has resulted in me being open to the possibility of romantic love in my life. She has helped me release money blocks, resulting in long awaited funds arriving into my bank account.

Lisseth has facilitated my Spiritual connection and has taught me to think and speak from my heart. I am happy, I am confident, and I am ready to take on the world!

My biggest aha moment with Lisseth was when she asked me to ask my Soul what love is. I was shown images of sweet love, then an image of harsh love. I balked, and said that screaming is not love. Lisseth told me to check with my Soul. I was shown that abuse and screaming is love, but it is fear based love. Such an eye opener!

If you yearn for a deep soul connection, or if you need deep emotional healing, Lisseth will guide you on your path to wholeness.

Lisseth has taught me more in 8 months than all of my other spiritual teachers have done over the years. She is amazing, she is powerful, she is love personified.

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