Soul Growth Vs Soul Expansion


This is a new definition that is coming stronger now to the planet as we are moving towards higher levels of consciousness. 

This is something we are all getting ready to fully experience and it breaks the concepts of what we’ve known about the way of living life on this planet. 


It is what we have been doing mainly in the last few decades. 

Soul Growth is about “getting the lessons,” wrapping up karma, and understanding the self beyond the mind and the physical body. It is understanding why we operate or think the way we do. And unfortunately the association with growth is pain, the hard way, the “you don’t move on until you get it” way.

It is all about growing and understanding. In essence, it’s  about “the lessons our Soul has come to learn.”

A good parallel is our trajectory through school in this life. 

When we get to school the teacher teaches lessons, things we need to learn, things we need to get, things we need to develop, and things we need to just explore. 

A lot of those classes are useful when we are young, like learning to add or learning to multiply, learning to write and learning to read. 

And there was a time when everything taught in school was relevant: History, Geometry, Politics. 

However, things are different now. Nowadays we all are conscious that the school system is obsolete in many ways. 

A lot of the subjects do not help us anymore to truly live life. We are realizing we actually need other skills like learning to love others and ourselves, learning to make money, learning to communicate, learning to make friends, learning to create, etc. 

Furthermore, we are becoming more cognizant as a society in understanding that not everyone learns the same way. Some are more auditory, some are visual, some are kinesthetic.  

Also in the same way, not everyone is interested in the same things and – thank goodness – now the planet offers so many more options to express yourself and create life from. 

Before, the careers were very root and solar energy center oriented. Very physical and mental. Back then – around the 50’s – there were far fewer options because that is where the consciousness of the planet was: carpenters, doctors, lawyers, bankers, plumbers, etc. The options were about covering our basis and it was all about learning the “set” way to live life. A prime example of this concept is the movie “The Little House on the Prairie.”

That was until the 80’s which is when we started to wake up our emotional center and with that the three basic chakras were being awakened. 

Eventually, we started to be curious and interested in soul growth. Of course, this happens following the model we have been growing in. We get lessons from life, we learn the lessons and we move on to ideally not repeat it again. 

But because we didn’t really know how to truly create permanent change we would keep trying and repeating until we for sure would get the lesson. 

See, in order to  create a change in our behaviour, in the way we act and react, to truly change the way we think, the way we feel and become more who we are – Divine beings – and have the life we really want, – we need to learn to totally transform from the inside out.

And we have been doing a lot of that in the last few decades. However, we have been doing it from this model of learning the lessons, like in school. And not necessarily in a good way. 

We have been in this space of “if you don’t get the lesson you get punished,and you get held back until you get the lesson.” And that creates huge imprints in ourselves of brokenness and wrongness. Like there is something not right with us that we need to FIX. 

We have been pedaling in the hamster wheel of needing to fix ourselves. 

Soul growth has been wonderful as it has let us move past the physical and mental. And right now it is time for us to move into a new space where we truly live a more aligned life.  


Before we dive in there, can you pause for a moment and after you read this question close your eyes and let yourself receive the answer?

Here is the question: Can you imagine living life without having to acquire / pass lessons?

Can you truly imagine it?

I have definitely dove in with different people and clients into this space and I have noticed that some people are so heavily programmed in this old grid that they can’t imagine a different way of growing. 

I am going to share as many parallels as possible and ground it as much as possible so it activates you and you keep exploring, because like I mentioned, this is something very hard for many to get. 

Well, that is because we are not “growing” anymore, we are now expanding. Imagine the ‘Crone’, ‘Grandma’, the ‘Elders’ or wizards, fairies, or the elves. 

As mentioned, growing is understanding and applying something, getting the lessons and normally involves pain and having to pass the “test”. 

However, think about this. for one, this is not your first rodeo. This is not your first time on earth and this is not the first time you are trying to “get” this lesson. 

What I have seen working with thousands of souls is that the “lessons” we are going through, some of them, we have been trying to get for thousands of years. I have even seen a soul that has been repeating the lesson/pattern for billions of years. 

So, what if there is nothing to “get”? What if all this time you have been pedaling trying to pass it but hey, you have already been doing it so many times and as we know there is no singular “right” way to do it – actually there’s just no right way, period. 

Now the other thing I want you to think about is that getting out of growing and moving into expansion is about you BEing. You BEcoming more of who you truly are, hence the reference to the crone, the fairy, the wizard. They just are.

Learning is different than growing. Growing involves pain and the hard way. Learning involves discovery and exploration.Two entirely different concepts and their respective energies

Soul expansion is about allowing your Magic: what and who you are to create in your life. 

It is about ease. And I want you to notice that this ease is not about having it easy but about you being one with the flow, with Magic, with the Universe. 

Expansion is about creation and BEcoming. 

Expansion is about being our Divine Self in physical form and totally testing how much we can create for ourselves, for the world, for the Universe.

It is about playing, it is about creating our own playground, having fun It is about learning through contrast. 

Big difference. 

There is nothing to conquer, nothing to prove and there is everything to discover. It is about the discovery of your own magic, of your capability to create. 

Imagine the Universe. Imagine how it moves. Actually feel it. Feel the energy going through it. Feel the spark of creation. Feel the desire of creation, of expansion. 

That is Soul expansion. Being the Universe. Being who we truly are. Creating and expanding just because. No rhyme or reason but the pure desire of it. 

No thinking or processing but the trial that leads you to see what you desire to create. 

Pure God-Self energy. 

How do you feel your Soul wants YOU to expand?


Expansion is the essence of the new space we are moving into. 

This is what we all as a collective have dreamed of and are designing now, the new grid for this new world. 

This is a pretty extensive topic. The New Earth. 

And for now I want to leave you with some basics- as I don’t want to build it up for you. Meaning: I am a believer that part of this new space, new planet means everyone gets to do/be and create whatever they desire. 

So many people are very inclined to talk about how the new planet is going to look like. And all is good. All is well. But I believe since we are ALL stepping into this space where we, EACH ONE of US, is the MASTER, the Divine, the creator, then your world, your reality as you know it is going to look different than mine and you will see through your own filters, your own divine creation filters. 

So it’s not necessary to provide in detail how the new earth is going to look like because I guarantee you I will only be sharing what I see through my own, as you will be experiencing your own version.

However, I will share a little bit of the energetic space that will hold this new earth: 

Expansion. Creation. Instant Creation. Ease. Flow. JOY. Abundance. Wealth. Experiences as many or as little as you desire. In other words, Divine in form. 

Divine in physical, collaboration, overflow of money for everyone, food for everyone, a lot of laughter, travel, discovery, play, play with your magic – your gifts.

In this new earth we literally get to try any experience we desire and destroy it if we don’t want it. Knowing at the core that it is just as easy to create than to destroy and just keep playing in that real creation and destruction. 

This NEW EARTH is about being GOD in body. And EVERYONE gets to be that way because it is the SELF desire and the collective desire. 

This is a ME, this is a WE. Truly as ONE. 

Expansion -how much more can you be and create? 

Do you want to create skyscrapers? Why not? 

Do you want to create community and free exchange? Why not?

Anything and everything your Divine desires.

We will explore in another blog more, for now I want to leave you with this question:

Where do you feel you are right now? And are you ready to move more and more into expansion?

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