When You Grow, Your Tribe Shows Up

When you grow, your tribe shows up

One of the things I have found myself craving, pretty much all of my life, is a group of friends. More recently this translates to COMMUNITY and SISTERHOOD.

Has it always been easy for you to make friends? Has it always been easy for you to just walk up to stranger and become really good friends?

If this has been your experience, I have to say, you are blessed.

This has not been my case.

For as long as I can recall, I have found myself, when in a group of people, just ‘observing’.

I remember standing in a single file during the morning ceremony at school. I was in my cute little gray uniform, with two pony tails decorated with white lace. I was standing on tiptoes, trying to see the Principal talk. I saw me and I saw myself being surrounded by this group of strangers. I knew their names. I knew what they were doing there. I played with them often but always felt…DIFFERENT and just couldn’t connect with them.

I have seen myself with this feeling throughout all of my life. I have never really been able to have one good friend that would always be there all of the time.

In the last 4 years I have been blessed with meeting another Soul Sister. She has been a blessing in my life. I definitely want to dive into how we met, because so many have asked me, but today I want to talk about TRIBE, COMMUNITY and the POWER of SISTERHOOD.

I have had this Soul Sister for years, however she lives in another state and as much as we make the point to connect often through video chatting and definitely messaging each other daily, I have felt that I am missing something. I am missing ‘touch’ and physical proximity.

I have been craving close friends for years, pretty much since I started my path, and no matter what I always seem to split up from my girlfriends. So much so that my husband even said about one of my girlfriends, “Oh, is she still around?”

I felt frustrated, to say the least. My pattern was so obvious but I didn’t know how to shift it. Whenever I could, I would ask myself, “What are my fears?” and then coach myself through unraveling some layers.

Last year I finally decided to change the pattern. I met someone who became a good friend. She came into my life and was with me pretty much for a whole year and taught me a lot about friendships.

She taught me that it was important to make friendship a priority. She told me she always had strong friendships, just like her mom did… ding ding ding… That rang a bell! I was reliving MY mom’s pattern!

I decided to start to shift the energy, releasing what belonged to my mom. I started to prioritize and cultivate friendships, and like anything you are growing into, I experienced an ‘ebb and flow’. Despite that, however, I noticed I kept improving in that area.

Unfortunately, during that time that one really good friend just ‘fell off the wagon’. Out of the blue, just like the other friends in my life, she decided to not talk with me anymore. I was so sad. We had been soooo close and then kaboom! One day she was saying to me, “Don’t you ever move far away, don’t you ever leave me”, and the next day she was too busy and I felt like I was a burden to her.

That did it.

I was done.

So I decided to really dive in. This pattern was affecting not only my personal life but also my business/professional life. It was and still is part of my vision to unite with others and work together. I have always wanted to have friendships with those I work with, but then, if it wasn’t happening in my regular life, it wasn’t happening in my business life either.

I finally had the realization at the beginning of 2018 that I just wasn’t able to have friends/clients help me grow my business.


I was done.

I took a dive into my subconscious and started to peel and peel. I peeled back the so many layers.

I peeled back and saw feeling ‘threatened by others’.

I peeled back and saw feeling ‘not enough’.

I peeled back and saw feeling ‘not worthy’.

I peeled back and saw ‘abandonment’.

I peeled back and saw the illusion that if I shine others couldn’t shine and vice versa.

I peeled back and saw so many other things, as well, that I started to see the result of my work:

~An old friend reached out to me after years of silence. (We had broken up badly)

~Other former friends started to reach out to me

~Most important, my other friendships felt different, they started to feel stronger, like we had real, true bonds.

Many of these friends are from all around the world: Seattle, New Jersey, Australia, France, Netherlands, Peru, Mexico, Wyoming, Minnesota, Phoenix. As these connections grew, the more I wanted to have these friends closer to me.

Hence, the thirst for community started to be born and became stronger in me. I have always known that I would be building an amazing community of Goddesses and Warriors. I have always known that I would have a place where I could be in community with Change Makers. I just didn’t know when.

I recently flew to Bali, Indonesia for a week retreat hosted by MindValley with almost 400 entrepreneurs, leaders, change makers. During this event I received one of the most powerful gifts I could have received as I was able to experience what I have always been envisioning in my mind.

Even though I stepped into a group of strangers, at the end of my week there I had a deep sense of family. Soul family.

One of the most powerful things I realized is that I didn’t know what they “did” for living. Truth is, I didn’t need to know because all we needed was to be present with each other, with our hearts open. All we needed was our hearts to be fully open and to be vulnerable. It is in our vulnerability that our truth and power shines.

My mind was blown, especially because I have never seen a bunch of men feeling the heart energies. I have never seen men that were so quick to drop into their pain and struggles and to actually reveal them openly. I did not know that it was possible for me to meet women and men and give each other a minute long hug (yes, I am not exaggerating) and then talk about our struggles… Even though we just met!

Last month I received the guidance of putting together a Gather. It would become the first Gather of the PATH TO YOURSELF community.

And so it happened.

Last Saturday, around 20 women gathered at my home. I didn’t know how or what would happened, I just knew I had the desire and the vision.

It is with this fire that I decided it was time to start a community in Denver, because, at the end of the day, as “scary” as that may be for some, as freaked out as our ego might act and feel, that what we all want is just that. Heart, Soul connection.

I put out a call for women to join me in a Sisterhood gathering. I invited everyone I came in contact with to join if they felt “thirsty” for such a connection. I had two rules: NO HAND SHAKE, NO “WHAT DO YOU DO?”. This was the perfect combination to create a heart connection.

Was it uncomfortable in the beginning for some?


Was it rewarding at the end?


In fact, there was a point where we couldn’t even get into the other activities because we could not stop hugging each other! We felt like family. We felt part of a community.

We talked, we laughed, we played, we ate, we cried, we received each other, we shared our fears, we shared our wisdom, we discovered our passions, we shared our experiences. We felt safe. We felt loved and we loved in return. We healed many pieces of our hearts. Some of us made commitments to ALWAYS be open hearted with EVERYONE, especially those close to us.

It was truly beautiful.

This was the beginning. They discovered their thirst. Now they know there is another way. Now they know it is possible. Now they can’t go back.

We all want more of that.

We want true heart community.

I really wanted to share this with you. I was able to have over 22 gorgeous, powerful Goddesses in my home all at once! They all truly shined. They kept saying, “You are truly special to attract such powerful women”. Yes, I am. But this didn’t happen overnight! I worked my tush off. I worked hard for it. I worked non-stop. I know the journey is not over. It is not just about getting them here, but cultivating it. Prioritizing it.

This is the thing, my Love: Whatever it is that you want is on the other side of… FEAR.

Fear masquerades through your beliefs, experiences, traumas and exists subconsciously. You could have it all if it weren’t for those blocks.

What can you do about those blocks?

What you can do is to work on releasing them.

Trust me. If I can do it, YOU CAN DEFINITELY DO IT.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” they say.
Keep working, keep shifting that subconscious vibe and you will have your tribe next to you not just miles away.

Who knows, I might see you soon here at the next Gather here in Denver, or I might see you in the next Path To Yourself Community Gather in your city. The world is our oyster and when we shift out inner world, our reality has no other option but to reflect what we want.

What kind of community are you craving to have? Please share in the comments section.

P.S: If you are in the Denver area and found yourself saying: “I WANT THAT!”, then make sure to send me a message to connect and I’ll invite you to our next Gather!

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