Serving More Deeply


I woke up exhilarated but also “concerned”.

For years I have been asking to facilitate at a higher frequency, 4 years to be exact.

I had prayed and prayed to bring higher frequencies, to elevate my way of healing and shifting the subconscious for people.

It finally came.

I had been seeing this upgrade a lot in my one:one sessions during the prior couple of weeks. Now it was time to put this to the test.

It was time to see how this would come in a group setting, so I set up a FREE GROUP CALL as a gift. I invited everyone to join me in this, and it was that and so much more.

The theme ended up being what I suspected: MISSION FREQUENCY UPGRADE.

I loved the way that everything went so smoothly. The consciousness levels of  the Divine and the Spiritual teams were superb. I especially loved the agenda that was set by the people present on the call.

I had no idea how it would go, and yet I knew.

I knew because I could feel their desires.

I knew because I could feel their energy.

I knew because I could feel their heart longing.

A couple of minutes before the call I knew nothing of how I would start the event or how I would navigate through it. However, one thing I knew for sure was that it would be perfect.

I had set my intention:

To bring the highest for all.

To be the clearest channel.

To serve.

And most important, to have fun.

For at least a year I had dreamt to facilitate for a group of powerful Souls that did not have an agenda. I didn’t want to bring my agenda or even the agenda of our Guides. I wanted to listen to the participants and bring what they each desired. That is kind of what I do for my one:one sessions, but in a group format.

Again, it was ecstasy.

The next morning I woke up still feeling the ecstasy and as I started to facilitate my own alignment, this powerful thought came:

“How can I serve them more?”

The call had come and gone…

They received the upgrade, and now what?

I realized I wanted to help them see their manifestations in the physical realm.

So many times we receive high frequencies, but we still are in a very odd space as to how to integrate it in “real life”.

I asked to help them go deeper.

I asked to embody more and to help them embody more.

I ask to help them manifest their true abundance into the reality of their calling.

And I kept asking… HOW?

All the sudden it started to come…

It trickled down throughout the day…

Through visions…

Through sharing with my mom…

Through a conversation with a Soul Sister.

Do you want to know what I received?

The answer will blow you away, perhaps because it is so simple and yet so effective.

SERVE BY SEEING THEM was the first clue.


“How do you think the group manifestations work?”, said the Divine.

I saw the vision of me seeing them already in the reality that they are calling in for themselves. Not from a place of wishing, but instead like as a fact–as when a friend tells you something that has happened and you see the whole story in your peripheral or frontal vision.


A total infusion of truth.

Seeing them powerful.

Seeing them as already having gone through a complete physical manifestation.

Knowing that this is true for them.


This is so obvious and yet I have been missing the mark in this.


I discovered a couple of lies within my field. One said I can’t help them manifest.

Wait a second. Let’s backtrack. There was a time where I lent my superpowers to others.


Yeap. I remember a couple of session I had with different people where each one pointed out that I was using my manifestation skills to manifest for others, they both said STOP! And I guess I did.

The problem with that is that I had unwittingly placed a constriction in my field.

I definitely believe that others don’t need my own manifestation gifts because they, themselves, are super powerful, but there was definitely an entanglement with this constriction.

Which brings me to lie number two.

I can’t help people create in the physical world.

Another, what?

Bunch of crap.

Yet, there it was.

The coolest thing came up as I worked on disassembling those structures of constriction and lies, a NEW CODE came through for me.


Full Instant Reality Manifestation.

Amazing!! ????

OB-SERVE was the third clue.

As I was sharing that day what I had been working on, my friend Athena Tabula shared a beautiful reflection with me and mentioned that I was the perfect person to do this for others, that one of my greatest gifts was that of observing others.

She pointed out: “Notice even the word OB-SERVE.. It has the word serve inside it. You are one of the people that has this super power the most.”


I kept reflecting on it and what came for me was: Oneness Being Served.

OB-SERVING as in being in Consciousness, serving others. Consciousness focuses and sees. It sees truth, sees whatever the OB-SERVER wants to see.

This last one is the key.


After talking with my soul sister, I went to hang with my mom and I shared the subject with her.

This is kind of what it went down:

She was asking me how to help my brother be happy.

I shared everything I had learned that day, but the last key didn’t come through completely until I was talking with her.

Do you know that Quantum Physics has proven that whatever an observer looks at, whether molecules or matter that are just simply wondering around, that if the observer THINKS the molecules or matter are going right to left, then the molecules or matter will go right to left. If the observer thinks the molecules or matter are going from the bottom up, that is exactly what they will do!

Amazing, right?

Something that has been proven shows us so much truth.

Have you ever noticed when you think that your child or even you, yourself, will forget something, that you or your child does actually forget?

Have you ever noticed when you expect something to not go well, that it doesn’t go well?

Have you ever noticed when you truly know things are going to be more than OK, and you see that in your mind, that things do go fantastically?


My whole point.

You, as the observer, are creating and determining the outcome of EVERYTHING all the time.

This last key seals it all.


ME being the OBSERVER of whomever I bring into my field to ‘play’, if they want to create more and they would like my support, with the new codes I have received anchoring their desires into the field and infusing it with my OB-SERVING I will be serving them in deeper ways than I could have possibly imagined accelerating their path


I feel like, at this point of my path, I am owning my gifts so deeply. I am completely ready to help others activate, exponentialize and amplify their mission and purpose.

We got this!

You can also start to do that right now, my dear, with yourself and with others. Perhaps you will even get some informational codes around this as well.

OB-SERVE the true manifestation as it definitely exists in the Quantum Field. The more you infuse it for them by observation, the more it will come to pass, especially if they are working on deleting the illusion.

Again, it’s very important to keep in mind this is NOT a WISHFUL state for you or them. This is actually stepping into that reality–truly seeing it in their timeline. After that, all you have to do is wait for the MAGIC to happen knowing it is certainly in their path. Perhaps you will even get some informational codes around this ????

Please remember, the more you INTEGRATE YOUR SOUL into your body, the more complete you become and have the LOVE and ABUNDANCE you are meant to have.

Are you IN for this?

P.S. If you want to disassemble some of these structures, programs, illusions and lies that are not serving you anymore, if you are ready to be infused into a higher frequency I encourage you to receive the MISSION FREQUENCY UPGRADE available now in the workshop.

This is not a ‘one time’ video/audio. This is a constant upgrade–the more you listen to it, the higher you will go. I am truly excited for you to dive into this space and then hear back from you about the MAGIC that has been brought into your world.

As you comment and share in the Path to Yourself HUB, we will observe and infuse what you are calling into manifestation. We will be celebrating with you in the manifestation of it because it is true and it is real.


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