We want to have it all but beyond that, we want to LOVE and be LOVED.
Everything starts with your inner beingness, your outside reality reflects what you are being inside. The more you become inside, the more of that gets reflected in your world and even more, affects everyone around you, affects the world.


We have two amazing events that will contribute big time your becoming!

Healing your relationships


In our lives, the people that we relate to are always reflecting back an aspect of ourselves that we haven’t healed yet. And until we realize this, we can change friends, get away from people, but the same patterns in different people will keep showing up until we recognize what is going on.


Truth is they are serving us. They are being our mirror. The mirror for our subconscious patterns. And because of this effect we tend to carry their energies and they ours, until we are able to heal of all of that.


That is why we do this kind of healing. In a relationship healing we dive in to release everything from each other and open up the channels to shift what has been causing discord within you.

This is one of the most powerful healings when it comes down to relationships. With this healing you will be able to bring closure to past relationships and also reset your present ones.

We will be covering many areas:

  • Your relationship space. How much of that energy is actually just yours
  • Release the relationship energies
  • We will bring understanding to agreements that were put in place by both parties
  • Release all contracts and cords that are not in the highest benefits of all
  • Heal Karma between you two
  • Mirror effect in your self-love aspect
  • And so much more…
  • You get the REPLAY within 48hrs
  • This event will last 3hrs

Join us MONDAY February 27th

@530pm PST 630pm MST 830pm EST

They both complement each other!


Like I mentioned, Self-Love is the foundation for everything that you want in life, EVERYTHING.


So many go on looking to have more money, clients and even take steps to love themselves and forget that you can work super hard on all of that and get it after a lot of hard work or you can start to connect with your infinite self and start to shift from the inside out.


When we are present with ourselves, self-love is natural and it is so much easier to start to see our own relationships better, as a matter of fact they change!


These two events are really good together, they build on each other and also, they can be taken separate.

Now, if you join both events you get a beautiful 18% discount.

This is an amazing deal for 6 hours of healing! How does it get better than that?

Join both events for an amazing deal!

Self-Love Activation

“What is self-love?”…  “Why do we need or want to love ourselves?”… “It doesn’t feel real or authentic… “Everytime I try it feels wrong”… “I don’t kow how”…”I can’t, I just can’t”… “I look at myself at the mirror and I hate me.”


These and so many more things come up when we start to dive in the topic of SELF-LOVE. Truth is, for so many years we have been told the opposite. We have been told that it is selfish to love yourself, that is wrong to put yourself first and yet we have been asked to love others how you would love yourself. Did you see that? Disconnect! How can you love others if you don’t love yourself. It is surreal. More like fantasy, it is just not possible.


It is not only important, but primordial to really start to see the changes in the world we want to see to love ourselves. Because the more you do, the more everyone and everything around you changes. Now, so many people talk about this topic that it gets confusing. Me? I rather talk to the part of you that already knows.


Indeed. You are love, hence you already know how to love yourself. The thing is to learn, or more like, to remember how to connect with this part of you that already knows. Otherwise, to me it is like asking water to be water…Does water get thirsty? Does water get dry? Does water know how to hydrate itself?  I know, those questions seem silly, but I promise it is the same way for you. Because you are love. So then again, where is the trick?


First, as always, there are some things like programs, beliefs or even traumas that you have taken that are important to transmute, to release to be able to fully receive yourself. Otherwise, no matter how much you try, it might go years before you start to align yourself with who you are. It would be like bringing Febreeze into a dungeon. It acts more like the band-aid on top of a festering wound. When we open up to start to heal then we open up the channels to receive us.


And that is why I am being guided to bring this group activation on Self-Love. In this event we are going to work:

  • Release old society programming on SELF-LOVE
  • Understand and start to heal your journey
  • Connect with the bigger part of you, a.k.a. your SOUL, to facilitate healing.
  • Help you to start to listen to your Soul and start to embody more of  this part of yourself
  • And so much more…
  • You get the REPLAY within 48hrs
  • This event will last at least 2.5 hrs and could go as long as 3 hrs

WEDNESDAY February 22nd

The replay is just as powerful as the live event

@530pm PST 630pm MST 830pm EST

Presented by Lisseth Wertz

Guiding in the art of CONSCIOUS manifestation, so that you can create your path with ease and BE the BIG IMPACT the world is calling
you to be.

Quantum Leap Coach and Energy Healer