Raise Your Vibration And Get More Done In Your Day

Raise your vibration and get more done in your day!

Life is turning big time. Life is turning to be more blissful. More magic is happening. There are so many reasons to that but here I want to share with you one easy trick that can contribute in your life to also be in that state.

Can you guess what it is? You probably guessed it by the picture.
But let me tell you how you can start to live in bliss by RECOGNIZING yourself more. 

 And I am talking about all the time. Can you imagine yourself being in joy, in love, in connection and profound hapiness like 99% of the time or even 90%?

You know very well what happens in tht states, don’t you? Yes! Your desires, one by one start to come into your reality. YES! That is what I am talking about.  But let’s get to it… 

Have you noticed that some people are always having the feeling that they are not doing enough? Hence not feeling enough? Or perhaps this is you?

We are really good at putting down ourselves thanks to our mind which is always thinking where we should be. Our mind is always (by programming) comparing us to who knows what or who! Ask me how I know that? Yeah. You guessed it right. I was there, too.

Now, what if instead you would just celebrate all the things, no matter how little that you are doing in your day? And I mean literally every little activity. 

For example: Working out, engaging in a meaningful conversation, any work activity (no matter if you planned to do 10 things and you just did one or 2), going to the park, etc.

Now, here is the trick. At the end of your day: You WRITE them down! And then, you CLAIM it OUT LOUD: I did so good today! I got a lot of things done, for me, for work, for my family, etc. 

What do you think this is going to do to you? Yes! It will raise your vibration! 

All the sudden, you will start to feel better about what you are accomplishing in your day, and even more. You actually will start to DO MORE! I know! Crazy right?

Writing them down sends a signal to the mind that you are doing enough or more than enough. Saying out loud is like declaring to the universe that you are doing amazing and more good things can come to your life. 

See the double trick? YES! I invite you to do it. I have been reaping the effects of this simple practice and I am loving it! 

I invite you to try it. Let me know how it goes for you by commenting down below!

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