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Quantum Leap Coaching


In these sessions Lisseth combines her most powerful techniques to guide you in releasing things you wish to let go of. The series consists of energy healings, where Lisseth, acts as a facilitator moving energies that no longer serve you out of your energy field while bringing higher vibrational energies into your body through the influence of beings from the Angelic realm, Power animals and other Light beings.

These sessions will also work with the bodies of your mind and emotions through Intuitive Quantum Life Coaching.  Throughout the series you will receive tools to aid you in your daily life and bring about that which is rightfully yours.

                                                                               At the beginning of each session, the intention or topic to be worked with is                                                                                            selected.  Other topics may be set for future sessions after the first session, however                                                                            sessions always incorporate lessons the client has gone through during the week.                                                                                Thus, 
sessions will combine new challenges as well as ones previously covered.

In some sessions, Lisseth is guided to adjust the energy field of the client and clear the physical spaces affecting the client’s life, such as workspace or home clearing. Relationship healings tend to play an important role in the sessions as well. As we are influenced by various situations in our present lives, our energy is also influenced by events from past lives. These tend to arise during the sessions with the intention of being released. The sessions bring about great transformation into people’s lives and help them get on the path to their true selves. 

For working with Lisseth please contact her here