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People that have experienced the magic of working together…

I feel like I am in Nirvana today.
I started my spiritual journey with our beautiful Lisseth about 2 1/2 months ago. I was at a very low point in my life when I connected with Lisseth. My first session was an eye opener. 

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I am sort of a newbie to energy healing and didn’t know what to expect. There was even a bit of fear attached to it. We always fear the unknown, do we not? During the first session, I felt an instant shift in me. It was awesome! After the session I felt for the first time in a really long time that there was hope for me; I could see there was light at the end of the tunnel. I didn’t feel so helpless and trapped anymore. The things that I learnt in each session also surprise me a lot. I finally understood . Why certain things were happening to me and how I created and attracted the life I was having. The best part is that I can actually see myself transforming in leaps and bounds in every session. I am now in a better place, loving myself and working on my life purpose. I look forward to keeping on working with you. I love you Lisseth, my mentor! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Jackie Milligan


Lisseth Wertz is one of the best healers that I have had the pleasure to work with. I first got to know Lisseth through an energy course that a huge group worldwide signed up for and built lifelong friendships within.

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Many of us built a huge respect and trust for Lisseth. I have had the pleasure to work with Lisseth in many forms: group healings, personal healing as well as coaching sessions. I have always enjoyed her honesty, clarity, perception, openness, lovingness, generosity, talent and enthusiasm. A few months after our first group session, I heard from her as she felt drawn from her Angelic support team that I was in need of help. Literally, I was a mess. I was afraid to tell anyone, but I was highly depressed; my frequency had become so low that I did not know what to do. I was feeling very alone and desperate for weeks at that time. With Lisseth’s call and offer to help, we set an appointment. She diligently broke down what was going on with me and cleared and healed low-frequency energies that were heavy and a major part of my struggle. She gently realized that I needed the motivation to heal myself with “baby steps” and short but repeated meditative breaks to come back to my higher self. I continued to release negativity over the next few days after her gifted session and began gaining enthusiasm and opportunities. I will always be grateful to Spirit for sending Lisseth to my aid. I previously knew what high frequency was about and had lived a huge amount of my earlier life in this state but through many compounded events, old fears, and entangled beliefs, I was in a low of lows and desperate. Everything in my life hugely turnaround after Lisseth worked with me, I was a new improved and stronger me. Because of this, I started to believe and feel that even more joyous and abundant times are approaching. On working with Lisseth, as she assists me patiently, I have gotten closer to my bliss and my dreams. Thank you, Lisseth Wertz! You are an Earth Angel, beautiful inside and out and generous beyond anyone’s expectations. You have cleansed me, taught me, assisted me to be more of my higher self. You are humble and available, resourceful and confident. The world is ready and in need of light workers like you! It is my honour and huge gratitude to share my story to inspire others to work with you because I know you will be able to help them achieve their desires! I highly recommend anyone to work with Lisseth as she can help you flip anything! From smallest frustrations to your greatest struggles. Lisseth leaves you with an attitude of gratitude and an awareness of what you can manifest in your life.
Brenda Laycock

High School Teacher

Lisseth has absolutely transformed not only the way I look at the world but the way I look at myself.

I always knew I was an empath but I never knew how to control taking others peoples energies.

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 I constantly felt overwhelmed and anxious for no reason. Now I can block other people’s energies from attaching to me. There is never an overwhelming feeling anymore. I have worked with her in many ways. Months ago I was having physical chest pain. Then found out it I needed to clear all of the black matter and foreign energies inside of my heart. After a few sessions, all of that got out, we did it! Now the pain is completely gone! Our work together has helped my opened up to not only to feel more empowered but actually to tap into my soul essence and my soul gifts. And now I am using my gifts to serve other people in the world. I defiantly recommend her to anyone I come in contact with. I have never met someone who caters to what I need rather than telling me what I need. That is what sets her apart from any healer and coach. You can’t categorize her because she does it all. She listens to what you need and every person is so different. Thank you so much Lisseth for your gifts and your work. I feel that words cannot express enough all that you have done for me. I am grateful beyond measure.
Tania Parra Marin

Financial Advisor

Amazing energy worker!  I’m so grateful for Lisseth coming into my life. Anxiety was overwhelmingly taking over my thoughts and my chest felt like it was in a vice; it was difficult for me to get a deep breath.  

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The first coaching session Lisseth got me to calm down and removed the negative energy which had me hostage. Most recently our call focused on the downward spiral my mind was taking which was creating a block to living a more rewarding life. I had always heard of the law of attraction but didn’t know how to get the joyful feelings behind the thoughts in order to manifest. I’m feeling more positive and upbeat these days. When I start the downward thought pattern I use the emotional tools Lisseth taught me to get myself back into positive thoughts and emotions. Watching my life change for the better.
Kym Johnson

Medical Claims Examiner

I was somewhat hesitant the first time Lisseth and I met for a session but was willing to try anything to alleviate the pain I was in. Up until that point, I had lived most of my life in constant fear.

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In that first session, Lisseth began to show me what I was truly was: one with all that exists. I was amazed how her meditation techniques grounded me and connected me with Source. Early on I would often leave a session having no idea what we had talked about, having let myself go deep and relax. More than anything else, Lisseth has shown me the love that exists in all things. She has taught me how to let go of fear, by showing me how to love myself. Today I choose my life and know that I am never alone, and none of this would’ve been possible without her direction and guidance. I’m grateful for having met someone so loving and powerful.

Ian Nash

English Teacher

Working with Lisseth was a truly wonderful experience. It can be a challenge to find spiritual healing that is profound, but I found it in Lisseth.


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 She is one of the most clear channels and most effective facilitators to divine healing that I have worked with. I found the structure of her session to be very conducive to my needs. As I walked in I was “unsure” as to where exactly we would go, and while I certainly had some areas in my life where I wanted to focus, I really appreciated Lisseth opening up the direction to be guided by Spirit. Her encouragement to “let go” lead me in directions I did not even realize needed healing … she held a mirror to my blind-spots. She used her highly in-tune intuition to work with my personal energy and blocks in a powerful co-creation of release and expansion. I look forward to working with her again in the future and can only expect that each session will bring more and more Light into my life.

Erin Bates

Marketing Specialist

Lisseth is an insightful and powerful healer. I went to her to locate and remove some deep inner blocks that were making it difficult for me to focus on important goals in my life.  

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 She skillfully located these deep-seated issues, lifted the hold they had on my body and gave me some tools to help me continue the work on my own. I not only felt refreshed and more energetic, but those issues no longer haunt me, and I am now back on track with my life’s purpose. Highly recommended!”
Chris Guleff

Human Design Expert