Personal Energy Adjustment


Session Info

  • Sessions are available In person, through Skype and by Phone.

  • 30 min. Session is $45

  • 60 min. Session is $85

  • Sessions are recorded and sent via e-mail

  • Las sesiones se pueden recibir en Español

  • Book your session here

In these sessions, I work with the Angelic realm and High Vibration Healing Beings to assist in  bringing balance into your energy space.

Recommended for when:

  • You feel your body or energy “dirty” or heavy
  • You feel tired or drained
  • There is a sudden physical disorder like upset stomach, back pain, flu, etc.
  • You are invaded by sudden fears and emotions
  • You can’t seem to concentrate and connect with your surroundings

The Process:

  1.  First, I tune in with your energy and express the energies that I see around you, as well as any imbalanced energy centers.
  2. I invite you to sit in a chair in the middle of our space; listening to soothing music so you can relax while I go into a healing mode.
  3. Then I begin to heal your aura by cleansing it, reading anything that is present in this space.
  4. I remove any cords of attachment I may find in the way.
  5. Finally, I heal and balance your chakras in the energy body and read any other information presented.


  • A “sparkly”, clean, and light feeling
  • Physical pain subsides
  • A feeling of connection to your body and the  present moment
  • Balanced energy
  • Sources of drainage are healed