Personal Development Vs Spiritual Development


Did you know that personal development is different than spiritual development?

My first insight into this was when I saw the different products in each respective category – Personal development and Spiritual development – in the brainwave entertainment online store where I get audios to listen to when I meditate and do my inner work. 

It was at that moment I realized I really was never into personal development, but entirely resonated more with spiritual development and I believe now it is because I am a Soul that likes to move really fast through her own expansion.

As soon as I consciously started my spiritual path I started to transform rapidly and that hooked me into wanting more. I never really cared for having to change by just “being positive” through affirmations alone, because I quickly realized that as much as I tried, it simply wasn’t changing much my reality if it was changing anything at all.

My transformation via my spiritual development was getting me there way faster than anyone could have imagined – including  my entire team of Guardian angels as it was communicated to me through my angel mentor. All of the clearings, healings, and shifts in my field were doing the trick without me having to read or even practice day in and day out vigilantly whatever new beingness I was being led to BE. 

It is in this reflection, I realized that reading and learning about spirituality – how to have a better life, be more confident, more loving, have better relationships, be more connected, connecting with your Angels or reading about the journey of your Soul –  was TOTALLY different than actually doing the work to change my life and BE all those things the books talk about. 

I started to BE and HAVE the life I was looking to have all through spiritual growth, SOUL GROWTH. 


To be more specific, while personal development focuses on learning as of knowledge with the mind and if you choose so putting it into practice from your conscious mind, whereas spiritual development focuses on the shifts needed internally to actually create a different life. 

As you may know, your conscious mind consists of only 4% of everything we believe and the thoughts we have. The other 96% resides in the subconscious and unconscious. 

Basically, you can try to repeat affirmations, mantras, correct yourself and hold accountable all day long when inadvertently manifesting the opposite of your desires and the resistance energy associated comes to surface. You just may create that change. But to do so, it will require tons of time consuming effort. In fact, a lot more effort as opposed to simplifying by working straight with your subconscious! 

In other words, spiritual development works straight with the subconscious and unconscious, it works directly with all of the parts of  you which cannot be seen – like beliefs, programming, patterns, soul gifts, etc – and in that space you get to change and transform your inner world which in turn gets reflected in the life you are living. This is what we call energy transformation or more commonly known – energy work.

It’s imperative to distinguish this difference because I’ve met so many people that are “on the spiritual path,” and they are still treating it as if it is the same as personal development. They read and think about it, but have yet to facilitate the transformation needed in their subconscious to truly manifest what they are seeking.

Everyone is a spiritual being. And nowadays everyone is invited to fully step into their spiritual path. This implies not only to “learn” or “know” about spiritual things by reading or listening to it. 

“BE”-ing in the spiritual path, consciously walking it and working it means to be consciously creating the inner transformation of your spiritual self, your energetic bodies, to go from illusionary – beliefs keeping you in the “forgetting who you are zone” – to feeling, knowing and being who you truly are. This means unlimited and yes, it is totally possible to not have fear or become free, which is just being on the other side of whatever limitation you are having regardless of your awareness. 

Once again, I have met way too many people who call themselves “spiritual” (we agreed we all are) simply because they are aware of things in the spiritual world. However, they are miserable, unhappy, stuck, attached and even addicted to their illusions and stories suffering day in and day out, year after year in the same manner exactly as someone who doesn’t identify with spirituality is suffering. 

As the consciousness of the planet is being elevated, we can now choose to BECOME. And the way we become, is by working your energy and continuously raising your frequency which is entirely different from raising your vibration. 

However, as I have consciously walked this beautiful spiritual path for 5 years I have also realized it is important to incorporate the conscious mind works or the mindset. To have this work done efficiently, it has to be done in alignment with diving deep and shifting your subconscious and energetic fields.

After all, there is a reason why we have a conscious mind, right?

We just need to learn how to use what’s known as our “operating system” in a way that truly helps us align with the life we are meant to live and choosing to create. Basically we need to upgrade our hardware the same as we do our computers or smartphones to be more efficient. 

I would love to hear where in your development do you see yourself now and how do you see yourself progressing? What is next for you?

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