Peeling The Artichoke

Peeling the Artichoke

As we wake up to the realization that everything is energy, we come to the understanding that we are now and always have been the creators of our world. Whether we are conscious of it or not, during every single second of our lives we are creating our world through our thoughts and emotions.

In this new era we see humanity’s consciousness rising and are called to heal our energy body. Now what is that mean? Well, we have come to the human experience to conquer specific lessons. There are so many lessons in life that we may encounter, but it is most important to realize that all experiences in our daily lives “stay” in our energy body until we decide to understand these lessons and let them go.

One very common lesson is the lack of money in our lives. Since birth we pick up attitudes, emotions and beliefs from those around us. These could be “there is never enough money,” “money doesn’t grow in trees,” “you have to work hard to have money,” “money is the root of all evil,” etc. All these beliefs are stored in our energy body as “stagnant energies,” so when we realize that these beliefs are ingrained in us, that they are lies that limit us and that we can get rid of them, we can begin the process of healing.

Also it is pertinent to realize that the lessons we have chosen to learn might be lessons we have been working on for many lifetimes. Thus, for some lessons the healing process may take longer just because we have been dealing with these issues for a very long time.

The healing process is much the same as peeling an artichoke –we begin with a whole artichoke, cook it in the way most appealing to our taste, and then peel each leaf eating the “meat” one leaf by one. If we have a sauce for dipping, the dish is even more enjoyable. And of course we might keep indulging until we get to the best and most delicious part: THE HEART! However, we must be cautious how in getting to the center, which is surrounded by thorns which must be removed delicately. Otherwise, they become mixed in with the meat of the artichoke.

In the same way, healing is about taking down our beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and habits one by one in order for them to go away forever. So this process involves enjoying the journey every step of the way, savoring each moment, observing how and when things needing to be released appear, and being thankful for this energies making themselves known so they can be let go. Let’s not forget that the best part is getting to the middle – THE HEART! The core of this lesson is in its richness – the feeling of fulfillment and of the happiness that comes from releasing everything.

Although energy work might go faster than other therapies, it is not an overnight process – we don’t get ALL of it in a few sessions. Just as it took time for the artichoke to form, it has taken one’s present lifetime and possibly previous ones as well to store so much in the energy body. So, remember, it takes realization and love to heal.

Healing is a journey, during which we come to enjoy our “Aha!” moments and experience each and every step of the process, so that we can let go and rejoice. And the most incredible part is when we let go we find the truest expression of ourselves and start living the life that we deserve and desire. A life as fully and as great as we dare to dream!

Love the Journey – It is the process that matters!!!

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