Lead with an Open Heart



Are you?
  • A leader… spiritual, visionary, changemaker, influencer…
  • Committed to BECOME and act in alignment with your Soul
  • Eager to show up more and more authentically
  • Passionate about creating the New world
  • Desiring to BE part of a SOUL supportive community
  • Committed to create meaningful heart connections
  • Wanting to develop real collaborations in the new grid
  • In devotion to a deeper connection with your Divine, with your SOURCE
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Does this resonate with you...
  • I want to feel love and joy for NO REASON all the time no matter what happens in the world
  • I am craving to feel a deeper connection with SOURCE so much -NIRVANA over and over and over
  • I am ready to go deeper and deeper into the journey of love, of my heart and of true connection
  • I am yearning to experience the state of Oneness, where I truly feel one with everything and everyone
Or is this more familiar to you...
  • It is hard to fully trust others - one too many times it just hasn’t worked out
  • It's challenging right now to remember at certain times the UNIVERSE totally has my back! - these indeed are unprecedented and uncertain times
  • I feel others don’t really “get me” - perhaps you still post some things in social media restricting your audience
  • It is hard to truly unconditionally LOVE myself when all I see are my flaws
  • I find it a challenge to deeply - unconditionally - love others and keep wishing they would be different in some way, shape or form
  • I am afraid to fully show up, show who I am and be judged - not received, accepted or worse, completely ignored
  • I have a desire to reach more people with my work yet I am stuck, something is not aligning and it's challenging
  • I feel there is a wall in front of me - built securely around my heart
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Whichever group you identified with avove, the answer, the solution, is the same.

You need to...

Open Your Heart and Lead With Love

We are going through a pretty special time here on earth!
But... It's an exciting time!!!


Because, humanity


has asked for this.

We are ready and waiting.

We have been preparing for way too long

Beyond what you can possibly imagine.

What is happening in the world now

is bringing all kinds of invitations for everyone.

For the ones that are in total scarcity

There are HIGH levels of fear...

For those who have been doing the inner work

You are ready to fully show up

You are ready to lead the transformation

Ready to lead the inhabitants of this planet

into the New World...

- Lisseth xo

What does leading with an open heart look like?

Right now, for Soul leaders leading with an Open Heart will show up in a couple of ways:

It is a time when you are being invited to move into stillness.
To dive deeper than ever before.
To peel back even more layers.
To slow right down. To listen intently.
To become even more.


It is a time when you are feeling the fire and the strong call to step out and LEAD.
To talk to your people,
Talk to your SOULMATE clients and galactic humans.
And embody the leadership that is being called to be in the new paradigm.

And for you, it could be both.

But let’s talk a little about the new paradigm of leadership...

As your Soul has said YES to lead humanity, we are called to do it with an open heart. 


No fear.

No holding back.

No playing games of sometimes open and sometimes is closed.

No conditions.

No control.

No outer security.

LEADING with an open heart is actually leading fully in your truth.

OWNING everything that you are AND your FIELD. 

And as you show up in that space you are the invitation for everyone else to step into their higher vibration and frequency

And as a collective we will be stepping into the new world TOGETHER.

In alignment with this, here is my current invitation...


Perhaps deeper than you have ever done before.

Of course we will ease into it…

or not ????

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Where will this Open Heart Journey take me?

In these 5-days, you will learn, take it In AND take action
(as that is the most truthful way to integrate)

  • Get to know your heart deeper
  • Learn to open your heart wider
  • Heal and transform things you still carry there
  • BE, LEAD and OPERATE with an open heart
  • Dive deeper and deeper to all level of awareness

What happens when you join?

I want to make sure you know what is going to happen when you sign up.

  1. First you will receive a confirmation email: YOU ARE IN!
  2. Please read the email and then join the FB community
  3. Make sure to follow what you are asked as soon as you join to keep the momentum and energy flowing
  4. Each day you will receive an email with links to the learnings, meditations and prompts to take action.
  5. There will be posts in the group for you to share your experiences, growth and expansion.

If you have any questions AT ALL please email us here:
[email protected]

Hello, my love!

I am Lisseth, a Subconscious Shift Expert, Quantum Multidimensional University Founder, Soul Integration Guide and Ascension Leader, passionate about bringing the new world into this physical reality.

I align with Soul Visionary Leaders and Changemakers committed to BECOMING their SOUL, fulfilling their purpose, mission and contributing to creation of the NEW WORLD.

Together we get to be US. We are in a time when the ME or YOU is becoming rapidly obsolete.

I am here to help you become. I am here as the vessel to bring in what your SOUL is wanting you embody, BE and of course create.

We are all calling a world that is LOVING, that is happy and each SOUL has a unique expression, a unique blueprint and unique playground.

I am here to activate it in you, and help you integrate it. Ultimately I am here for your ultimate potential embodiment.

It is in becoming that we actually get to fulfill our purpose, mission and bring about what we promised we would for a different world to reign.

I am honored and excited to play together in the realm of infinite possibilities, in the Quantum Playground.