Awakening your greatness: One moth of support (first timers)

Awakening your Greatness


In this month you and I will work in whatever topics are most pressing in your life. Whether that is your career, your finances, your alignment, your life’s calling or your relationships. You and I get to see each other for 2 sessions to dive in and fully create some big shifts in your life.

You receive unlimited messaging in the time that we work together.

This offer is for those that have never experience Lisseth’s support in a one:one setting.

Owning your Path: Ongoing Coaching support

Owning Your Path

This is my very special service to the gals that know they have a calling, to know there is so much more available for them and are looking for a guide: a coach, healer and teacher, to help them unravel all their potential, to help them heal, to help them walk in their Divine purpose and mission.

This offer is an ongoing support design to support you in your own inner work, meaning, unraveling your blind spots, and create quantum shifts in your life. Know that coming into this journey you will never be the same ever again. You will soar, rise and start to OWN all of YOU.

Path to Yourself: Year Mentorship

Path To Yourself

You are ready for the next level of your path, to really own your leader gifts, your healer gifts, your impact. In this journey we will dive to get to know your matrix, your agreements, your gifts, the way that you are meant to work Spiritually in the world.

You are here not by change. You know why you are here. And now all we have to do is cultivate you to flower, to flower non stop in your infinite being. I will guide you to discover your unique blueprint as a healer. I will teach you how to listen and transmute in the way that is unique to you.