No Gas And 12 Miles To Go

No Gas and 12 Miles to Go

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What does it mean to trust? It’s one thing to know in your mind that you trust, but it’s quite another to really feel it and move into that space.

I have a story to share with you that happened to me last week. It proved to me that KNOWING you trust and FEELING you trust are two very different things. The mind will try to play games with us, so it’s important to remember where TRUST lives…in our hearts.

We CREATE with our minds without even realizing it, and when you create your reality from a place of fear, you may not like what you get. But, let’s be real. We’ve all been trained, taught from BIRTH, that our outside reality is set. We say things like, “Oh, it’s the government,” or “It’s just my family,” or even, “Well, that’s just how it is.”

But, right now, in this time on Earth, we’re learning that our REALITY isn’t set. We’re learning that we have the POWER to bend it, to make it our own.

I was reminded of this last week, as I was driving from Colorado to California to begin my new adventure. I had stopped in Grand Junction, CO, to use the restroom and fill up with gas. As the gas was pumping, I went in to go to the bathroom, and asked where I could buy a reusable water bottle. I was told to go a mile up the road to Safeway. I went back outside, replaced the gas nozzle and got in my car and drove away. I didn’t check the receipt, and I didn’t even glance at the gas gauge inside my car. As I drove, I noticed other gas stations with cheaper prices than what I had paid, and my mind immediately created these thoughts of regret. I was beating myself up for paying more for gas than I needed to. I tried to shake it off. I went to Safeway and bought what I needed. I attempted to do a live video, but it wouldn’t work, so I took that as a sign that my guides wanted me to keep moving. I started driving, believing I would be on the road for a few hours before I stopped again.

After about twenty minutes, I glanced at the gas gauge and realized I only had a QUARTER of a tank! Thoughts came like, “Was I charged for a full tank?” and, “How silly of me to wish I’d paid less at one of the other stations when I didn’t even get a full tank!”

I thought about turning around, but I asked my guides if I would make it to the next gas station and was told, “Yes!” So, I kept going, but I was worried. I let fear in. I wasn’t trusting my guidance. I drove a while and no gas station. I was able to flip my negative thoughts and told myself that I wouldn’t go below twenty miles left in the tank before I saw a station. I drove. My car said I had twenty miles left and there was no gas station. I was fighting my mind at this point, imagining being stranded on the side of the road waiting for AAA, or having to call my husband. I also realized my phone was nearly dead, I had no cell service, and I was the only car on the road. I started to panic.

We Create Our Own Reality

I noticed, then, that when I was able to visualize myself at a station, filling up, everything fine, the miles left would go UP! When I let the fear in, and the thoughts of being stranded with no way to communicate with anyone, the number of miles left would go DOWN! It was crazy!

We are LITERALLY creating our reality!

I had THIRTEEN miles left before my tank was empty. I came upon a road that said there were services available, so I turned. Further down, there was a sign that said to turn right for a gas station and that it was…wait for it…TWELVE miles away!

I can’t make this stuff up.

Every time I switched my thinking from fear to TRUST, or vice versa, I was jumping timelines, from one I wanted, to one I didn’t want.

As I drove, I noticed EVERY mile marker on the road, counting in my head. I tried not to look at the number of miles left in the tank. I just kept telling myself I would make it. It was a very intense twenty minutes!

Then, I saw the gas station! I pulled up to the pump and looked at the miles left.


I cried with joy, and realized it had been a good lesson in trust. We, as humans, do this beautiful dance of fighting with our mind, letting fear rule our decisions, and, ultimately, letting fear create our reality. It is what we do best. I had been tested, not just in trusting my guidance, but in surrendering to it.

Remember, SURRENDER is the next step after TRUST. It’s trusting so infinitely that you just LET GO.

The mind is not bad. It has just been trained to say no, but you can choose to shift it. I KNOW that I am supported. I KNOW that I am provided for. I KNOW that if I hear if from my guides, it will be so, but even I still have times where I forget. The MAGIC is not in the moments when these challenging things are happening. The MAGIC is when you allow things to shift and come to your reality.

I KNOW if I’d panicked, I would NOT have made it to the gas station, because that’s how powerful FEAR is. That’s how powerful ENERGY is. You are CREATING every single second. That is the TRUTH of your reality.

How many times in your life have you gone through this? Money is tight, or you’re worried you won’t make it on time, or the service you want to provide isn’t good enough, or you’re worried you won’t get the client. That is your mind. TRUST and SURRENDER with your heart. You can shift it.

When will you decide to CHOOSE differently? When you’re completely drained? When you physically can’t do any more? When are you going to consciously CHOOSE to create from TRUST, from SURRENDER, instead of FEAR? When are you going to say, “This is not the life I want anymore!”?

Your SOUL is calling you to something else.

People are waiting for you, for your gifts, your heart, your energy. If you let fear create your reality, you’re not only doing a disservice to them, but to yourself. You have the power to create anything you want…everything you want, right now, right this minute.

So…when is NOW for you?

I love you,



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    Thank you for your kind words

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