Receive Everything You Want and More
When You Reconnect with Your Infinite Soul…



Shining Your Inner Light And Aligning Yourself with Your Soul

Do you feel stuck?

And no matter what you do, you can't change your life?

​​​​​​​Maybe you've had one or more of these thoughts:

* Life is hard and I'm always going to struggle** *
​​​​​​​* Other people have all the answers -- why can't I?*
​​​​​​​* Everyone thinks my life is awesome, but I'm still not happy
​​​​​​​* I just don't know what to do anymore

We've all been there at some point in our lives, but it doesn't have to be that way forever.

There is a way out…

​​​​​​​I know what you’re thinking. You’ve heard this before, but after spending hundreds of dollars on self-help books, programs and seminars, you’re still stuck.

What if I told you the whole reason you are replaying Groundhog Day is because you are disconnected from your soul? And that reconnecting is easier than you think?

It is possible to have the life you truly desire. It is possible to jump off of the ‘hamster wheel’ and make your dreams come true…

Do you dream of:
​​​​​​​* Finding the love of your life?
​​​​​​​* Feeling more joy more of the time?
​​​​​​​* Landing your dream job?
​​​​​​​* Traveling to all the places you've always wanted to go?
​​​​​​​* A more spiritually-centered life?
​​​​​​​* Plus much, much more!


You can receive all of that and more, but there is one catch…

​​​​​​​You have to be ready to leave your stories, programs and blocks behind you. You have to set the intention to be the BRIGHTEST STAR you are meant you BE. You have to SHOW UP.

Are you ready to be brave and let go of what no longer serves you?

Then join us for…​​​​​​​



The 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30pm MST


Is this Moonlight Soul Alignment for you?

This monthly inner circle of healing is for people who:

* Want to manifest their desires with speediness and ease 
* Want to become more of who they truly are
* Are in a spiritual path of growth
* Feeling STUCK and want to get moving

And, it is designed to:
​​​​​​​* Unravel stories so you can let go of limiting beliefs

​​​​​​​* Release deep rooted programs
​​​​​​​* Open up your energy to raise your vibration​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​* Bring alignment with your Higher Self and your Soul
​​​​​​​* Connect with Light Beings and various guides to support you in your journey

What people are saying:

  • “Moonlight helps me break through and dissolve the walls that have been keeping what I want out of arm’s reach.” - AV
    “Awesome session as always! Today I had a new experience. When we were connecting to our heart I felt my heart open like a lotus flower and it opened layer by layer and going deeper into my heart. I felt 6 layers of my heart! Just wow!” - JC
    I'm so clear right now and my mental plane isn't even trying to project into it. So great! Thank you Lisseth Wertz and angels, and all. - KK

12 Months

​​​​​​​6 Months

​​​​​​​Single Event

Join us here!

This circle meets every 3rd Monday @6:30pm MST
(Go to for your time zone)

Even if you are unable to attend the live call, I always include everyone who signs up into the field of healing. You'll still receive the benefits of the healing, whether you are present physically or not, by the time that you get to bed (so the energy does not interrupt your day).

You'll also get the full recording of the session, afterward, for your conscious mind to integrate all the knowledge that came through.
 But, there's more...
In addition to the monthly group healing circle, you'll also get the following bonuses if you sign up for:
12 Months
  • 16 recorded calls - Value $1067

    12 live sessions and their replays - Value $807

    Clearing Resistance Audio - Value $47

    A session with Lisseth (if full payment is made upfront) - Value $297

6 Months
  • 6 live sessions and their replays - Value $402

    Aligning with Your Purpose - Value $97

    Clearing Resistance Audio - Value $47
Single Event
  • Live session and replay - Value $67

    Clearing Resistance audio - Value $47

Here are more experiences:

“The experience was breathtaking. The colors were even more vibrant. I actually see more vibrant colors and all my senses are even more heightened. I actually slept through most of the night and even slept in. I feel the traumas are gone that I don't have to dwell or keep bringing them up. That part has completely shifted. My wish that they are going to grant is already happening. I feel even more connected to the angels and see a whole team around me. Thank you so much for that wonderful experience.”
“Last night was so perfect for me. It was magical for sure. It was exactly what I was needing to shift out the energy I had been resting in for some time. I'm feeling really excited about the subtle shifts I'm having in my awareness. Last night I sensed vibrant yellow golden light slightly above me as well as some bluish green -colored energy. I felt powerfully shifted, such a huge emotional release happened for me. I was unable to contain my emotions, they overflowed and released. Felt amazing!! I feel renewed into the space and path that is my highest right now. I can sense my team getting bigger. What emotionally charged my shift was when it was acknowledged hearing me every morning and night. That was breathtaking! In Joy today.”
“I wasn't aware of how much Ii was holding in my physical body. I was really uncomfortable and restless multiple times during the session. I also released a lot of unconscious energy. It was the deepest I have gone for sure.”
“What an amazing experience! Felt SO much love from the Arcadian Angels and they so powerfully showed me truth. Every time a dark or lower -level feeling or thought came in, they wiped away the illusion and showed me what I really am , what is really possible. So excited to have them join in the I AM! Thank you Lisseth and Linda!!!”

“Sleep was sooo sound last night. When I did wake in the night, iI immediately felt the remembrance of who I am. I love waking up after a night like last night bc I feel more integrated and clear. So bubbly. Like waking up on Christmas morning and seeing what santa brought!

New beliefs about myself. New ways of being, new perspective. I'm soooo lucky, blessed, happy to be here. To know you all. To feel the magic in my life, to know who iI am with no doubts.”

“I had been feeling my last lives all day!!! I really feel they are released. I even was talking about being burned at the stake. This never ceases to amaze me. I felt the Angels. I saw a huge choir all day and now I think it was them. I think I might be a channeler... I am so so so filled to the top with LOVE!!!! Aaaaghhhhh”