Are you ready to truly open yourself up to money like never before? To LOVE it with all of your heart and soul?

So you can…

      Go on vacation wherever you want when you want
      Move into your dream house 
      Buy a new car 
      Pay off all your debt 
      Save for your kids’ education 
     Donate to your favorite charity 
     Give money to family and friends 
     Go around the world helping people  
      Help heal the planet, humans, animals 
      Change the world in a positive way 
      Whatever you feel called to do at anytime

Or, maybe money makes you feel uneasy. You…

​​​​​​​     Can never get enough, no matter how hard you work.

     Secretly judge people who have money.
     Think that having more money isn’t fair when so many people are suffering.
​​​​​​​     Maybe you’re uncertain about how much you’ll make this month, or where your next paycheck will              come from.
​​​​​​​     Maybe you’re afraid that financial freedom will never happen for YOU…

​​​​​​​I know how you feel, because I have been there. I was once in debt, and weighed down by my own money stories. Then one day, I chose to start working through my deepest blocks. Over time, I mastered the transformational tools needed to step into my magical money powers. I came out on the other side, to be able to share my gifts with you... and to help you expand your own gifts.

It’s time to step out of your limiting beliefs around what it means to have (or not have) money. 

You CAN eliminate any blocks that hold you back from having all the money you want right now.

Discover how to work with your own money energy, to achieve the financial freedom you crave.

Imagine having more time for your family, traveling to the most amazing places, and… the ultimate freedom to create anything your soul desires in this world. You deserve to create and receive everything YOU want.

If you worry that money is not in resonance with your mission, you are not alone. But what if I told you that money and your mission could -- and NEEDS TO -- go hand in hand? That money will help you EXPAND your purpose?


a love story

In the Money and I program, we will work with your deepest and most stuck blocks, the ones that you have been trying and trying to shake off and no matter what you do you haven’t been able to, the ones the are at the bottom of the iceberg of your subconscious… all to create the massive shifts you have been asking for, for so long! To finally open you up to receiving, and embracing, Money.


I see through to the very core of your blocks, and work with you to transmute what’s holding you back from the very root, so you can STOP living in limbo, and start living a life of FREEDOM.


Just as you have been dreaming of having more money, money has been dreaming of you. It truly wants to love and support you.


But no matter how hard you try, if you still have beliefs and programs running in the background, your energy will keep holding you back from the money you are meant to have.


NOW is the time to break free from the lifetimes of money blocks that are keeping you from true financial freedom.


In this 12-week transformational journey, you will learn how to harness your own magical money powers. So you can keep creating more and more money long after this program ends!


Are you ready to create an abundant reality, and take your relationship with money to the 5th Dimension? If your heart says YES, then I invite you to join me as we begin your love story with Money.

Lisseth’s Money Story:

Boom to bust,
boom to bust,
boom to bust...


When my parents married in Peru, they were very poor. Slowly, they moved up to middle class, but being poor had set their money beliefs. They had 4 children, including me. I am one of the older three, I was the only one who saved money whenever I got it, because I had taken on my parent’s money beliefs. 

You absolutely had to have money saved, in case of emergency.

By the time I was getting ready to marry my husband in 2007, I had saved $10,000. My husband had no money, and when he would talk about spending any of my nest egg, my whole body would shut down. I would freak out! I knew something was wrong with the way I was reacting, but I couldn’t help it. The thought of losing that emergency fund terrified me.

Then, ironically, I ended up spending nearly all of that money on our wedding, but only to realize that it allowed me to receive more. A lot more. My money was now “our” money, tripled.

However, about a year later, we bought our first condo, and then the market crashed in 2008. We hung in financially, but in 2009, for the first time, we had a negative bank account balance, and I freaked out again. My father’s beliefs came up strong. “People in debt are stupid, and don’t know how to manage their money.” Basically, he thought that people in debt were unworthy.

 I began to watch our spending very closely, and we recovered, but sometime in 2010, I realized my husband was unhappy. In fact, we both were. We were making money, but not enjoying life. My husband is a chef, so eating out is very important to him, but I wasn’t even allowing that. I eased up on the budget a bit and we’d get a little better, and then stuck, and then better, and stuck again.

At the time, I was working a 5-figure job that was stressing me out. I was paid well, but when I received my first paycheck, I divided it by the actual hours I worked, and I was making less than my lowest paid employee. I realized that I had taught my employer that it was okay to abuse me, and my money beliefs were partly to blame.

 I credit all of that for leading me to the journey I’m on now. I knew I wanted more in life, but didn’t know what. When I began giving angel readings, I was doing them for free, and when the first person asked what I charge, I had nearly the same reaction I’d had when my husband would talk about spending my money. I had to excuse myself to the restroom, I cried and prayed. After all, the work I was doing was deeply spiritual. How could I charge for that?

I connected to the angels, and was told it was okay to charge. I started small, asking for just $1/minute, but even after that, I would get nervous every time I received the guidance to raise my prices.

I would think to myself that my mission was never going to happen, and that people didn’t have the money to pay for my services. That was a big one, thanks to my father. He would say that people didn’t have money all the time, and I believed it until I started to realize people would say they have no money, and then spend money on other things. They had the money, but the truth was they didn’t want to make my services a priority. That was not something they needed to shift in them, but also something I needed to shift in me. I started telling myself that people did have the money, and now, I believe it.

I constantly work on my energy to keep beliefs that do not serve me from getting in.

This is how I can help you release your money blocks too. I’ve been there. I’ve done the work on myself. 

What others say about working with LISSETH WERTZ
YES! I am in!!!

Imagine you and Money, creating together, expanding together, and tapping into the Divine essence… to create MORE in your business, your soul mission, and in all areas of your new, joy-filled life.

You will SEE and FEEL the lasting difference in your life, as it starts to unfold more and more abundantly, more magically, in all areas.
You will not only open up to receiving more money, but also learn to grow & nurture your money. We will cover many facets of money, and I cannot wait to share all the surprises that await you in the program!

Are you ready for money to fill your life and your bank account with INFINITE possibilities?

Do you finally choose to stop simply surviving, and start thriving? To be FREE to live the life you truly desire, without the struggle? The time is NOW!

The Money and I, a love story journey is perfect for you if you want to:

Step into your power in creating the abundance that is your birthright, and truly know and trust on a soul level

Discover how to fall deeply in love with Money

Trust that it always has your back

Never feel uneasy about Money again

Embody your mission and purpose more than ever

Create the life of your dreams, all from your soul connection with Money

Gain lifelong tools to clear yourself and your money

Learn to expand your abundance in all areas of life 

Week 1 - Magical Money Quickstart

To begin our journey, we will…

Set the space for the money magic to happen each week
We’ll clear out old vows and contracts holding you back on deeper levels, so you can open up your energy to call in money!

Week 2 - Who is Money?

During this week’s call, you’ll…

Get up close and personal with Money and its true nature
Discover the energy of money
Start to heal the core of why it is that you don’t truly want money
Learn to clear your money, and deepen your connection in this way.

Week 3 - Dating Time!

Have you ever flirted with Money? Are you pushing Money away without realizing it?
This week, you’ll discover…

Money’s love language
How to communicate with Money
​​​​​​​Establish the foundations for a solid relationship with Money

Week 4 - Walking on the Clouds

What does it feel like to be IN LOVE with Money? Do you even want to BE in love with Money?
This week, you’ll…

Work on expanding your receiving gate and getting you totally trusting and enamored with Money
Heal and enhance your ability to make money, as you connect on a soul level with Money

Week 5 - Sleeping with Money AND Mom & Dad

Now is the time to get intimate with it! But wait -- are you bringing your parents (and even your grandparents!) into bed with you?
This week, you’ll…

Release your ancestral beliefs and patterns to pave the way for a healthy, loving relationship --just you and Money!

Week 6 - The Past that Haunts You

Have you noticed the more you are in a relationship the more your past pain starts to come up?
Healing time!
This week, you’ll…

Dive into healing your deepest traumas about and around money
​​​​​​​Unpack your money baggage so you can keep deepening your loving connection with Money.​​​​​​​

Week 7 - Money is Mirroring You

Everything outside of you reflects your inner world. Still doubt it?
This week, you’ll shift into the 5th Dimensional version of you, and…

Realize how much Money is mirroring you
Heal the core of your insecurities and beliefs about yourself
​​​​​​​Clear and transmute, as you really start feeling, knowing and BEing worthy of Money

Week 8 - Money Wants to Protect You

This week, you’ll…

Get clear in your mission
Dispel spiritual lies we are often told
Let MORE money in by embracing Money’s truth!
​​​​​​​Allow Money to go through its own transformative healing with the Divine
​​​​​​​Bring in the Divine for abundant 5th Dimensional creation in the NOW

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Co-create your mission with Money

Week 9 - Money's Deepest Truths

Experience the Divine in action, and learn the ultimate truth about Money.
This week, you’ll…

Feel the highest vibration of Money. Be set up to become confident and clear on your path to allow yourself to step into your power to create even more money magic!

Week 10 - Happy Ever Beginning

You and Money are now ready to grow your future together!
This week, you’ll…

Receive the final tools and energy alignments to step into your power of creating money all the time, and receiving it from everywhere
Merge all the deep energetic work we’ve done throughout the program, and ground them into practical ways to nurture and grow your money

Week 11 - BONUS Wrap Up!

This week, you’ll…

Learn to make that ‘lovey-dovey’ feeling last, as you walk off into the sunrise with Money as your partner... because this is just the beginning of your money love story!
Receive bonuses to heal your money foundation, money beliefs, specific clearings and tools to learn how to clear yourself!
We start on September 20, 2017. I can’t wait for you to join us on this 12-week journey to money bliss!

This is what you will get: 

11 weekly group calls and replays - $2,500 value


2 Q&A sessions and replays - $500 value 

Healing your money foundations - $100 value 

A powerful tool to clear your own blocks, to use anytime - $50 value 

Dedicated private Facebook group - A safe space to share and connect with fellow group members, and ask questions - PRICELESS

All Facebook Live videos done in the group -- powerful because all participants’ questions will be answered, and you will be able to receive ALL the healings  - $2,000 value 

Lifetime access to the Wizard Portal that will contain all these resources - PRICELESS 



You can enroll in this entire program, WITH the bonuses, at the special price of $555

This program will fill up. Sign up now. 


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If you are longing for personal transformation,healing and mastering energy tools for a lifetime,then this program is for you
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It is never too late to work on yourself and you need a good mentor, as Lisseth. She is able to let you see things about yourself you never suspected were there.

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