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The 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30pm MST
Only if you are ready to leave behind your stories and blocks
to be the BRIGHTEST STAR you are meant you BE.

All You Need to Join

What is it?

Group video/phone call where we unravel stories, let go of limiting beliefs.

We release deep rooted programs and open up your energy to raise your vibration

so you and we bring alignment with your higher self and your soul.

Who is it for?

For the ones that want to manifest their desires with speediness and ease.

For the ones that want to become more who they truly are.

For the ones that are in a spiritual path of growth.

For the ones that are STUCK and want to get moving.

What are the benefits?

Participants declare that these circles make their week go so much smoother.

Raises their vibration and things start to manifest more.

They really get centered and align better with everything.

Break patterns that they have been stuck doing for a while.

What if I can’t be there?

I always include everyone that signs up for it, so you get the healing either you are present

physically or not by the time that you get to bed (so the energy does not interrupt your day).

You get the recording afterward, for your conscious mind to integrate all the knowledge that came through.


Every 3rd Monday @ 6:30pm MST. You will get a reminder every month after you sign up.

What are the different options to join?

Sign up for 12 months of Moonlight Soul Alignment by July 17th and you will receive a one-on-one session with Lisseth

***Must pay in full to receive session***

12 months of SOUL ALIGNMENT 

Each call is in average $27.75!!!

  • Audio: Clearing Releasing resistance (value $47)
  • BONUS: Recorded Soul Alignment

– Aligning with your purpose (value $97)

  • 12 LIVE group calls
  • 16 Recorded calls
  • Replay
  • SPECIAL BONUS: One 0n one session with Lisseth


6 months of SOUL ALIGNMENT 

Discount of 27%: Each call is in average $41!

  • Audio: Clearing Releasing resistance (value $47)
  • BONUS: Recorded Soul Alignment

                   – Aligning with your purpose (value $97)

  • Group LIVE call
  • Replay


  • Audio: Clearing Releasing resistance (value $47)
  • Group LIVE call
  • Replay


” It was beautiful (as always). I felt an amazing alignment of white light go from my crown chakra, through my body all the way to the centre of the earth. My crown chakra totally opened up, where I think it has been blocked – maybe from fear. Then at the end I turned into a tree… sounds weird, but it was gorgeous. My roots connected to the earth, and my arms/branches were spread out wide reaching up into the light. I felt totally aligned, energized and connected to spirit. .. when I was listening, I kept thinking there is something special about Lisseth… I feel instantly connected when I’m listening to your voice… it’s so familiar to me. Must be soul sisters.” – VB, Australia

                                                                              “Well, it seems to have worked! The helpers were still there with me this morning,                                                                                      and they literally fixed my broken heart. A minor miracle occurred in my relationship                                                                                today, and my faith in the universe is restored! Thankyou so so much for helping me                                                                                to get there! For next time, I will just open my heart to God and let it happen, now                                                                                      that I know how. So very very grateful” – SY, Germany

                                                                  “Thank you Lisseth for the 2 hrs of amazing healing session. I have been feeling depressed,                                                                      confused and heaviness in my heart for the past week. I know I have lots of beliefs still to                                                                        clear but I feel so much lighter now that I let go of a bunch of them. Thank you for your gift.                                                                    You were so kind and patience with us. You are an amazing and awesome woman. Thank                                                                        you, thank you, thank you. I love you” – BL, Canada

“Thank you Lisseth! You were a true conduit of spirit. Thank you for the healing in my heart. That stone is gone now. Now I just need to get the broom and sweep it up.”-JR, California

Those are just a few of the experiences…do not miss this opportunity. Join us now!

Do remember that when two or more are gathered, the healing becomes magnified, so please join us, we would love to see you there!