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The Mastermind for the Soul
Hey, my love...
My Divine Human

Thanks for stopping by. I know you have landed here for a reason.

But you already know that, although you can hear your mind - in the very back questioning a little bit… you know how it works.

You know your guides, the Universe, your Soul, your genius, whatever you want to call them have brought you to this page.

I am (We are) beyond honor that you are here, that we are meeting in this form.

You are a Soul that has been looking for more embodiment, for deeper connection, for more wealth, for more creation, for the unique deep connection with the self, with your Soul, with who you truly are.

You know there is more available, but most importantly there is more available inside you. You feel the love you are and yet there is a vastness within that you are ready to tap in. You have been praying, asking and get giddy when you feel this.

You are ready.

You got a calling. You got a mission to fulfill. And you know there is something else inside you. Something that you can’t put in words.

My love, I feel you. I know what you are feeling is indescribable, it is a feeling that if put in words caps it, cuts its potency. There is so much humbleness in you, I am beyond honored to be in your presence as I feel you so deeply. I feel your presence, your heart and your magnificence.

You feel this and you are also aware that there are things within calling to be worked on, to be balanced, to be transmuted, to be transformed, to be let go…

Some of them are ancient, some of them - apparently - are more recent, and regardless you feel the calling in your heart. It is time to step into the part of your path where greater transformation is needed. For you, For the world. Although you know when it comes to the world it is only a matter of letting it happen as an extension of who you are becoming.

It is time to upgrade yourself in ways you consciously do not know yet.

That high achiever in you that goes for everything like a dog with a bone, will come now handy, because believe me you will - as you already are being - get tested.

You have achieved the impact, the hundreds of thousands if not millions, the success and you know all of that is about to shed, the old way of doing it is making itself known to you that doesn’t work anymore.

And most importantly, you know there is a deeper calling, you know you are here to contribute in a bigger way to the world, the impact is being called to be made in a way that you can’t totally understand.

I know you

I know who you truly are. I can see you so clearly.

I know what you are looking for is that space to dive deeper, where your mind doesn’t confuse you, where your guidance doesn’t get muffled but the noise of the mind or other voices.

I know you are looking for this space where you get to shed massively, you are tired of the old, tired of the patterns, tired of the old stories and yet you don’t know quite yet how to fully transform it.

My love, we are all going through this. We are being asked to step into the next level, yet the old seems sticky and tricky to shed. It feels like it keeps coming.

You are ready. You are ready to be held in this journey. You are ready to partner up with someone. You are ready to do this with others. You are done doing this journey alone. You are waking up to the realization that this journey is not meant to and can’t possibly fully be done alone.

You are looking for a guide, someone that partners up with you, not that does it for you. You are looking for a community of peers, of like minded, of geniuses like you, committed to do this no matter what, because you know what it takes, you know that there is no other option.

You know that yes, there are always other options but truly, you know you can’t ignore this calling.

And when I say you, I mean your Soul, pure essence, that who you are and also desiring to become more of.

That is why you have been looking for all of this, support from a guide, support from your peers, accountability for when you forget - because I get you - we do forget.
And even more, you have been looking for this space where you will be reborn over and over freer. You will raise from the ashes of the old that will burn and raise up like the phoenix you are. Only to be reborn to more greatness, your natural beauty, your magnificence, your unique higher-frequency unique Soul Codes, your true power.

And with all of this, I feel you. I feel your heart is smiling as you read all of this, because my love...

My love, you have landed into that space....


The MasterSOUL Immersions

Let’s breathe together.

Allow yourself to feel the energy that is coming to you from just those words, the energy of this container.

This is a collective “effort”. This is an effort created for you by your Soul, Lisseth’s Soul, the Universe that is always confabulating in your favor 🙂 and all of the helpers, the galactic and beings of lights, the ascension guides, your Spiritual team and so many more that are rooting for you, as their ultimate interest and commitment is to you and for you to become who you came to be, truly be.

The MasterSOUL immersion is this powerful container where you are allowed to surrender. Fully surrender and show up as the Divine Human.

Allowed not to need permission from anyone outside of you but yourself.
Where you do not have to pretend, put up a wall or appearance or “keep your image”.
It is a safe container created by all the Souls that are part of this collective and also your Soul family. The Souls that are also going through this journey in this container.

Surrender as in giving yourself to your Divine Essence, to your Higher Self who is the one that actually has brought you here and guides you to the next level of evolution because my love, these container is for more.

Lisseth Wertz Quantum Leap Shifter Path To Yourself Icons 06
  • More of you.
  • More of your essence.
  • More of your Divine.
  • More of your creation. More wealth.
  • More love.
  • More goodness.
  • More adventure.
  • More sex.
  • More relationships.

Not because you do not have enough in your life enough - and perhaps there is a mind, ego and subconscious perception of this in your life right now - but because you KNOW it is your Divine right.

You naturally know it is just the next step in your path as you naturally are here to uplevel.

No questioning.

And you are not here to be going around this, to be beating the bush.
You have a vision, a mission and you are here to fulfill it.

The MasterSoul is a journey that you, I and all that join will take inward. To the depths of your Soul and come out bringing more of your truth, fully embodied.

And you get to integrate it together, because how many times you have gone through deep transformational experiences that fade overtime, that can’t be held by you.

That is because you need support in integrating it.

Hence the design of this container is to dive deep, together, peel, unravel, let go, shed, bring as much as you can and desire to transmute, go as fast as you are willing to go, open to receive the highest frequency of your soul you are able to receive and then, INTEGRATE.

This requires that we walk the journey together for a while.

Time after time.

12-months to be exact.

However, we will only journey deep 4 times a year, because everytime will be a massive rebirth for you and we need to allow your body to integrate, your mind to catch up, your emotions to align, your energy to calibrate and your matrix and field to anchor your new frequency.

Ready to dive in?

I know I am.

I know you are feeling the deliciousness and the gift of this journey. 

Expressed Love
Debbie Hagedorn
I love you, Lisseth! Keep expanding

I prepped for this immersion like I’ve never prepped before. I knew it would lead to a much bigger part of who I truly am. I gave complete focus to both repeating the Open Your Heart journey as well as the immersion clearing prior to our call.

The call itself was very fruitful. Those who were in attendance brought up the perfect things to be destroyed. I gave full permission for complete destruction.

For me, the greatest structure that needed to come down was that of my mind needing to control my experiences and outcomes. I still feel her showing up and testing. I have been gently reminding her that is the old way and we are doing things differently now.

I asked for the code of truth, and it started flooding my experience. I am in the process of simply allowing this to happen right now.

My most recent work with Lisseth was participation in her Soul Leadership immersion. Prior to the immersion itself, which is a deep dive into your non-physical bodies to “clean house” and open up more of your energetic space for what you truly desire to come in, Lisseth offered many preliminary steps to take to prepare for what is a very intense journey. I chose to complete them all as though my life depended on my doing them. As my desire is to be my divine in the physical, indeed my soul is depending on me to do whatever it takes.

The immersions (this was my third one) are always the perfect group of souls who come together with the intention of each doing their own work. Within an immersion, though, things that are hiding in one person are brought up via what another person has to share, and therein lies the magic. Multiple clearings (I believe this time it was referred to as a mess of spaghetti noodles!) happen because we all show up for ourselves. The experience is nothing short of life altering!

In the days following the immersion, I continue to allow shifts to happen. There is need to trust, to allow, and to simply observe without judgment. The work is then completed in exactly the right time for each soul provided they take any inspired action every day that follows.

Lisseth has been a teacher for me from the very beginning of my journey to embody all of who I truly am. Her work is exceptional. If you are wanting to take big leaps instead of hopping along or staying stuck, you are in the right space.

Message from MasterSOUL

I have my own energy. As you know, all things in this world, whether they are material or immaterial, whether they have a Soul or not have a consciousness. This is me. The energy of this baby. The MasterSOUL that wanted to be born into this world.

I thank Lisseth for allowing me to come through for her and everyone that feel and hears the calling, but more importantly, for those that are willing to heed the calling.

Because many are called, but not many are willing to cross the threshold.

They forget they already have crossed the most important threshold of their physical experience: being born on this earth.

They forget they already have been chosen.
They forget they already are worthy.
They forget they already are enough.
They forget they already are special.
They forget they can’t fully birth themselves alone.

There is a special journey to be born in truth, in purity.

We are here to support you in this journey.

We are here to help you peel - look at it like we are peeling the placenta. We are ripping it off of you. The baby can not get away from the placenta. We can and we do it for you.

This is me. I was born to facilitate this container for you. This is your Soul Doula container. And in reality this is your uplevel container. This is where you will grow wings like never before. And you will feel the strength of your wings, and you will learn to fly so high like you were born to fly.

It is an honor to have you here. It is an honor that you have found us. It is an honor that you are choosing us. We are here to serve.

Feel our heart, as you truly know how to do it.
Observe your mind trying to speak to you, - perhaps - trying to “talk you out of it”.
And remember, it is not a coincidence you have found us here.
And choose your truth.

Choose who you truly are and dive with us in the sea of your consciousness and vastness.
We are honored to have you here and that you are choosing it.

Expressed Love
Angela Legh Avery
This container has changed me; I am more connected to my heart and more open!

What would it be like to love unconditionally? To let go of all triggers, all expectations, all fears? This immersion sets you on the path to loving unconditionally. Loving yourself; loving others. Through Lisseth’s powerful immersion, I was able to tap into Christ consciousness and I have begun my journey to loving unconditionally all of the time.

I love you! ????❤️????

Without further ado… The deets.
How does it look like?

We want to start saying this: how the journey looks now will not look the same as we keep walking the journey together.

This journey, the details, the calls, what we bring for you will evolve and grow just like you do. We will respond to what the energy of the MasterSOUL calls for.

We will respond to your Divine Human needs. We will respond to what you and the collective need. We will respond to the call of your Soul. Because ultimately, we are here for you, to support you.

Sometimes we will share more, guide you more, and facilitate more for you. Sometimes we will need to step back so you can step more into your power and integrate and anchor.

It will be a dance, between your Soul, Lisseth’s Soul and the Divine support.

We dive together 4 times a year for a total of 4 Quantum Immersions, 4 rebirth periods.

What are Quantum Immersions?

Quantum Immersion is the space that is coded specially for maximum transformation.

We come together as a group with our individual intentions in alignment with the topic at hand and because we are all connected, those intentions get to be weaved in the field we stepped to creating a greater Multidimensional Transformation than - at times - we would get on our own.

These immersions are playgrounds of transformation in the Quantum Field at all levels of awareness - all bodies and minds - where we get to transmute, shift patterns/experiences that are holding us in a small container or in misalignment of who we truly are, whether we are aware or not.

Ultimately, a Quantum Immersion brings your Unique Higher-Frequency Soul Codes and frequencies to be embodied in our physical form as the intention of them is to support our BEcoming.

The becoming of our Divine self, our purest essence so we can create the true reality we came to live in, the New World.

What will those 4 immersions be about and when?
  • The first one: New World Money at the beginning of May.
  • The second one: Explosive Sexual Energy in July.
  • The third one: Magic and true Creation in October.
  • The fourth one: Source, Creator in January.

A special message from Money

Hello, my beloved. Can you feel me?
I have come here to bust all of your limitations.

While in the old world you used me to keep yourself small or to do distorted things, not in alignment with your truth, I am here to tell you that time has passed.

While in the old world, you used me and money as a way to control and have power over others and “the world”, I have come here to tell you those times have passed.

The world is changing rapidly and with it I am. So, it is time for you to hop on the wagon or you may stay stuck in the old world.

Your Choosing

I am freeing myself of your projections.
I am freeing myself of your balming.
I am ready to show myself to you, the truth of who I truly am.

I have been waiting for this for a long time, eagerly.
I have been waiting to free myself from these cuffs for I am not to be tied to those things, that can’t be further from the truth of what I am and bring.
I know you have been working with me for a while.
I know if you are here you already have been visiting with me, playing with me, using me in different ways.

And I am here to unleash the next level in you.

Let’s start with saying I am not here to be bound to you or anyone or even this planet.
I am here to roam freely, to express my true energy which is that of play, that of passion, that of beauty, that of creation.

I am here as a tool, but not like you are seeing me right now, but more like a conduit.
I have very much life, just like your cat, your pet, your relationships, even this container.
I am here as your confidant.
I want to confabulate with you in creating a new world.
I want to support you in experience all that your Divine Human came to truly experience, see, feel, be and have.
I am here for your next uplevel, and the next one, and the next one, for you truly are infinite being without limitations.

I am here to show you that anything is possible as you assume your truth.
I am here to help you expand.

And like a good friend.
I will show you your shadows.
Where you are not being true to yourself, your Divinity.
I will show you where you are holding yourself back, because in reality I am one of the most potent mirrors you will ever experience in your life.

I mirror you, I will show you where you are playing small because I love you that much.

I can’t help it.
You are a beautiful being of pure Divine essence.
But know that my energy is nothing but that of play.
I want to play in creation… with you.

Much love, The Purest Energy of Money.

The First Quantum Immersion:

New World Money

You heard it from money itself. Money is here to bust you open into the next level of your unlimited potential.

That being said, we know you already have worked your basic beliefs around money.
You already know that money is actually an energy from the Divine, part of consciousness and that exists not only on this plane but across the Universe.

Hence it is presented in different forms.
And that is what the energy of the New World is about.
The shape of money is quickly changing.
The way that will be around us will keep evolving to be in a few years unrecognizable as we know it now.

In a world where it is inevitable to notice physical cash is disappearing, and we are moving into not only digital money but decentralized money, where is not controlled by one or few, but by the people, but many and actually is not about control but actually creating resources for the next level of this playground is important to dive and work the old deep programing.

Destroy and blast open the old ways of being, of feeling, of seeing how it works. So many beliefs surround money and that way that gets to be created not only by others but by YOU.

That is why we are here.

Lisseth Wertz Quantum Leap Shifter Path To Yourself Icons 06
What will we work through?
  • Your unconscious field around ease and challenges creating money: too good to be true, I got to work hard, it will never work, when will the shoe drop, etc
  • Control mechanisms: there is a trick, scam, ponzi scheme, being lied to, fraud, betrayal, blood money, conspiracy, etc 
  • Slavery codes: staying small, suffering, attachments, afraid to go bigger, unleash your own potential, etc
  • Partnering up: with people, money, companies, traders, financial institutions and wealth management companies and advisors. 
  • Seeing your numbers: breaking the fear of the ebbs, of money going out, anchored the deep knowing that it is the natural rhythm of the ebb and the flow. Getting into the habit of visiting your numbers and having conversations with money. Get intimate with both
  • Breaking from the old distorted masculine money energy, that it can only be certain ways, and cleaning deeply the old energy of money from your system
  • Clearing your lower chakras and upgrading money inside you to the higher frequencies of the 4th chakra, your heart and even 5th dimensional space.

What will we upgrade?

Codes come in alignment with your every moment decision.

The more you dive and let go during the process of the 2 weeks that lead up to the Higher-Codes call the more they will come.

Normally, Lisseth taps into the field as we are entering into the call and a couple specific codes come through and during the call you get to call your own specific code that will be brought by your Soul and Divine Money in alignment with the relationship you are able to develop with it.

Do you feel the call?

I feel the pull of your Soul.

What does it look like stepping into this container?

Every Quantum Immersion is a 3-week dive in.

Lisseth Wertz Quantum Leap Shifter Path To Yourself Icons 06

First Week


The week starts the Sunday after the cart closes.

In the first week we’ll be navigating the space of opening and unraveling old programs around the topic at hand and especially the structures that right now are not supporting the new and truer energy to be anchored in your system.

This will be done with daily tasks, journaling, reflection, meditation, etc.

This will be the preparation phase before our first call.

Lisseth Wertz Quantum Leap Shifter Path To Yourself Icons 06

First Call


Will take place the following Sunday from the start of the container. Last around 3 hrs.

In the first group call, we’ll dive deep into opening you up energetically at all levels of awareness.
Based on what was worked throughout the week, we will go into the Quantum Transformation of everything brought up during the week and then some, then so much more.

Towards the end of the first call, everyone will have received either Higher Frequency Energies, a Unique Soul Code or the combination of both. Again, all of this depends on the energy of the collective.

Lisseth Wertz Quantum Leap Shifter Path To Yourself Icons 06

Second Week


After the first call we will be opening the space to receive more of the Higher Codes in whatever shape or form your Soul is calling for at that moment.

We always let the body adjust for at least a day or two, then we dive into the expansion week. The way we dive this week will again be dictated by your Soul. We might be reflecting each day, do more unraveling and opening, or let you flow as you are guided. Know that every immersion is different and every Soul integrates different.

Then we dive into the second call.

Lisseth Wertz Quantum Leap Shifter Path To Yourself Icons 06

Second Call


Will take place the second Sunday from the start of the container. Lasts around 2.5 hrs.

The second group call it’s all about the next level of your unlimited potential. We get to open up in more and download all the codes your Soul is ready to bring forward for you and anchor it in your body. This truly is a magical call.

This is one of the most sought after calls as this call is about your full Quantum Transformation, rebirth happens often here and timelines get to be collapsed.

Both calls dive deep into transforming our subconscious and unconscious and open the space for what we are calling for.

Lisseth Wertz Quantum Leap Shifter Path To Yourself Icons 06

Third Week


After the second call is all about integration.

The world will feel different. You will feel different and we get to keep anchoring, remembering and moving into our new beingness answering questions and anything that comes up for you.

This week is more about your own experience and how you are moving and integrating in the physical world.

How do we do all of that?

LIVE ZOOM CALLS: Where Lisseth walks you through the transformation and shifting energies and deproming your field as well as channeling the higher codes.

PRIVATE CHAT: Where you receive direct guidance from Lisseth Makhael, the Soul Leader Facilitator and the support of your peers, as being part of the MasterMindSOUL to keep diving into your transformation.

PRIVATE CHANNEL: There is a dedicated channel on Telegram where Lisseth will be channeling messages for you to keep bringing you into your higher frequency.

REPLAY: Available within 48hrs of the call. With access for the lifetime of the company to the codes.

SURPRISE GIFTS: Nothing is promised here, however it is part of Lisseth’s nature to always bring newer information, and invite to extra calls and share and activate newer codes that come for her and through her as she is always eager to share with those that she guides.

On top of that, you get bonuses!

On top of that, you get bonuses!


There were a couple of bonuses she has been guided to offer those that join the MasterMindSOUL at this time:


Divine Trust Quantum Immersion

This immersion was profound for many. Everyone that joined received a psychic surgery on the brain, upgrading their mind system and breaking down a lot of their control mechanisms.

This allowed everyone to lean in more than ever in their inner guidance and their connection with the Divine.

As time and space is irrelevant when it comes down to getting these upgrades, you get to go through this immersion and receive the special coding at your own pace.


Soul Leadership Quantum Immersion

In this immersion everyone received their unique coding to bring forward with more alignment their Vision. As a leader in the New World, we are shedding much of the old and at times we are still fighting and in the energy of proving. Still opening up to true vulnerability and so much more.

This immersion everyone got a huge upgrade and uplevel their Leadership energy in alignment with their Soul and Soul’s vision.

NOW…. For those who joined the WAITLIST… You receive a SPECIAL BONUS

Divine Money Flow Codes

These codes started to come through back in November to the planet and Lisseth was able to capture the whole essence, how we are to operate, receive them and embodying them.

In this special bonus you will get all of that and the unique codes around Money Flow that money is ready to bring forward for you to embody and have them become part of your frequency.

  • 4 IMMERSIONS, one per trimester
  • Total of at least 8 3hrs calls on average
  • Private channel with direct channeling for your personal transformations
  • Private Messenger with your peers, the Soul Family that is going through the same journey with you
  • Dive deep in your own inner transformation and rebirth with the guidance of Lisseth, Master Facilitator in the Quantum and Soul Leadership Embodiment with daily specific tasks, channeling and coaching during the weeks of the immersions
  • Bonus 1: Soul Leadership Quantum Immersion
  • Bonus 2: Divine Trust Quantum Immersion
  • SPECIAL Bonus [Available only for those that sign up for the Waitlist] Divine Money Flow Codes
  • Surprise bonuses throughout the year
As you feel the call of your SOUL Join
The MasterSOUL Immersions
The Mastermind for the Soul
For the introductory price


  • 1 LIVE immersions: New World MONEY
  • 2 3-hrs calls
  • Private Channel with direct downloads for 3 weeks
  • Private chat with the community for 3 weeks
  • Specific guidance, journaling prompts, coaching, tasks
  • Payment plans available


  • 4 LIVE immersions: Money, Sex, Magic, Source
  • 8 3-hrs calls
  • Private Channel with direct downloads
  • Private chat with the community
  • Specific guidance, journaling prompts, coaching, tasks
  • Bonus 1: Soul Leadership Quantum Immersion
  • Bonus 2: Divine Trust Quantum Immersion
  • Surprise bonuses/calls
  • Payment plans available


  • 2 2hrs PRIVATE SESSION with LISSETH with 5 days of private messaging follow up for each session
  • 4 LIVE immersions: Money, Sex, Magic, Source
  • 8 3-hrs calls
  • Private Channel with direct downloads
  • Private chat with the community
  • Specific guidance, journaling prompts, coaching, tasks
  • Bonus 1: Soul Leadership Quantum Immersion
  • Bonus 2: Divine Trust Quantum Immersion
  • Surprise bonuses/calls
  • Payment plans available

About Lisseth Makhael

My name is Lisseth Makhael. I play the roles of Soul Leadership Embodiment Guide, Ascension Mentor, Subconscious Shift Expert and Quantum Leap Facilitator for Visionaries, CEOs and Entrepreneurs committed to their Soul evolution and creating a legacy in alignment with their Soul.

I align deeply and profoundly with those committed to BECOMING more and more of their SOUL, owning who they truly are, fulfilling their purpose & mission and contributing to creation of the NEW WORLD.

I am passionate about bringing the new world into this physical reality. I am all about magic. Magic is the fabric of this Universe. Magic is actually your pure essence, the essence of the Divine in you, magic is the expansiveness of your Soul. Magic is  your Soul, magic is your ability to create, Magic is you channeling more of your innate Soul gifts and bringing them into this reality. Magic is the future, magic is the present, magic is you.

I am here to help you become. I am here as the vessel to bring in what your SOUL is wanting you to embody, BE and of course create. I am here to help you tap and embody the unlimited potential you truly are, the next level of your infinite self. I actually have the gifts to do so.

We are all calling a world beyond what our mind at this moment can fabricate, a world that is the very presence of Divine LOVE, that is happy and each SOUL has a unique expression, a unique blueprint and unique playground.

I am here to activate it in you, and help you integrate it. Ultimately I am here for your ultimate embodiment, becoming God in physical form. It is in becoming that we actually get to fulfill our purpose, mission and bring about what we promised we would for a different world to reign.

I am honored and excited to play together in the realm of infinite possibilities, in the Quantum Playground.

Frequently Asked Questions