The Vibrant You

Do you find yourself often being somewhere else in your mind?

Do you feel like you have thoughts and feelings that are out of your control?

Do you feel it is hard not to overthink things?

Is it hard for you to have your mind in stillness?

Do you doubt if it is your intuition or your ego?

Do you get tired often?

Would you like to keep your energy clean all the time?

Would you like to learn how to get started your self-healing?

If you responded yes to more than 2 of this questions then this sessions are perfect to help you get ahold of your own energy so you can be more present, heal yourself on daily basis without taking too much time of your day, and connect with your intuition and guidance.

In this 12 week Program, we will work with easy visualizations techniques, fun exercises, heart centered sharings and meditations, so you can feel empowered of your own energy a feel better at all times!



  • Learn to clear the mind

  • Feel Connected with your surroundings

  • Replenish your energy in the most powerful and natural way

  • Learn energetic protection

  • Heal your body and cleanse your chakras

  • Meet and begin working with your healing guides

  • Learn to raise your vibration

  • Have clean interaction with others

  • Connect and communicate with “source”

  • Feel centered and focused

  • Feel Connected with your surroundings

  • Be grounded

  • Own your space

  • Heal your body and cleanse your chakras

  • Release energy that doesn’t serve you anymore

  • Learn to listen your intuition with practical tools

  • Choose how you want to feel regardless of your surroundings

  • Release feel and judgement that holds you back