Calling on your Soulmate 

Is this you?


  • You are sick of feeling alone, sad, and afraid to date again.
  • You are tired of attracting the same type of relationships.
  • You are longing for romance and a connection that you have never found before.
  • You are longing to get married and start a family, and you feel that time is running out.
  • You have been disappointed in the men you have been meeting.
  • You are dreaming of having a new thriving, magical, harmonious, and delicious relationship, but you have silently given up.
  • You just broke up with your partner, and you are wondering what you can do to find the ONE.
  • You are in a relationship, but you are not sure if he is the ONE.
  • You feel that there is no chance of ever finding your “soul mate.”
  • You are sick of……the list goes on and on right?


Maybe you suspect that the missing link to love is because of something beyond your control like where you live, what your interests are, or who you know. Or, maybe you just feel that something is preventing you from finding love, but you just can’t quite figure out what it is!

Well, good news! I am here to help you. 


This 8 week coaching program has been designed to help you release any blocks and subconscious programming that are hindering your ability to find the love of your life and create a wonderful, amazing connection with whoever you choose!

Also, working with the Law of Attraction, you will attract a special person in your life that will connect with you on a deep level, soul to soul, and who will support you and help you grow into your most radiant self.

Each part of this program will not only help you find a soulmate, but will also show you how to maintain a beautiful long-lasting relationship with your love.

With this program, you will have a better understanding of why you are NOT with your perfect partner right NOW –and it is ok. It is not your fault. You do not know what you don’t know, right?

This program, however, will teach you the practices of how to attract a soulmate. The best part will be when you actually meet this person. You will feel that it was orchestrated beautifully by the universe, and it could not have happened any other way.

Calling on your Soulmate program goes through 3 phases:


Phase 1: Healing and Release

There is something holding you back from great love. In this phase, you will be guided to finally let go those big blocks that are being presented in your love live.

You will learn how to identify them, heal them, and release them so you can manifest the love you desire. The tools the you will receive to apply this process are simple so you can keep releasing on your daily life.

Phase 2: Getting true clarity

As a result of all the releasing, you will not only be able to be crystal clear about what you are looking for in a partner, but you will be able to really feel that all that you have been looking for will be possible to have in your ideal partner. And even more, you will be able to attract that person.

Phase 3: Connecting to your own essence and your partner

You will change how you feel about yourself so that you can change the relationships that you create and attract.

You will get to know yourself in ways that you never have before, generate a unique connection with yourself, and become the love that you actually want in your life, which also will generate a magnet to your ideal soul mate

By the end of the program you will:


  • Enhance your self-image, release and forgive the past, and let go of beliefs that are blocking you from having an ideal relationship.
  • Be certain that a harmonious, delicious, and juicy relationship is coming (if it has not happened yet!), and see that love, magic, and joy is just around the corner.
  • Have shifted from being desperate and lonely to being free and at ease, and ready to invite YOUR chosen soulmate into your life.
  • Be confident, radiant, and vibrant, and be ready and open for romance, adventures, fun, and joy.
  • Be ready and free to give, love, and share your life unconditionally.
  • Courageously say YES to LOVE and enjoy a MAGICAL and THRIVING relationship.
  • Experience all of the above things and much, much more!

The program includes: 


8 Live Tele Classes


TIME: 4:30pm Pacific / 5:30pm Mountain / 7:30pm Eastern by telephone or zoom meeting

  1. The classes will be recorded, if you are unable to attend all of them, or if you want to listen to them again.
  2. Training materials
  3. Facebook group


Do not leave your relationship, your love life to chance. Call on it. Own it.

You can choose to be lonely and sad or you can choose to explore, apply your new tools, and experience love, abundance and joy.

About Lisseth


I am a Soul Gift Catalyst, Energy Healer and a Quantum Leap Coach. I have helped hundreds people to release blocks easily, effectively generating gorgeous shifts in their lives.

I have attracted amazing fabulous people in my life using these techniques. I have created more friendships in the last months of my life that I have in the last 10 years!

They all align with my essence, and  I am now surrounded by empowered women and conscious men. I do not feel that I need to be someone I am not, I feel that I can speak my truth freely.

To me playing in the energy field and guiding people to release and create is not only magical but is easy. I love facilitating this work with my clients and they love it too!!!

I hope you get to experience it as well!