Love In The Time Of 01


Have you read that Novel? It was written by Grabriel Carcia Marquez in 1985. I loved it. And although the scenario talks about a couple, the title and what it refers to just reminded me of what is going on now, only 200 times bigger as the whole world is involved. 

When everything is screaming chaos, when everything is falling to shambles – whether it is happening in your life, your business, your relationships, your finances or the whole world – It is important to stop. Pause and go in. Ask yourself some important questions. 

Will you go there with me right now?

What is the gift in these times of uncertainty?

Times like this bring us a lot of reflection, inner work and BIG LESSONS. Each transformation or big event that has happened in the world serves a purpose, a GREATER purpose and invites us to learn and open up. It invites us to be a truer version of ourselves if we just listen to the message the world is sending us.

As we fully step into the unknown with a virus that has spread to our planet and its continents, there are several invitations being extended to ALL of us.


Connect with our higher self and truly feel it. What are you being invited to?

Maybe you will recognize some of the topics below or different ones. But I invite you to take a look and see if you recognize yourself acknowledging the invite and the lessons this situation is bringing to all of us.

Connection and honor with our human body

The first invite is to really connect with yourself and check if you are taking care of your human body, the body that keeps you alive on this planet and allows you to fulfil your purpose on earth.

Our immune system needs to be taken care of, our body needs care, it needs food, rest, flow, healing.

Treasure connection

We are always taking for granted the people around us and not being fully present in each moment we spend together. There is always something else, a distraction that keeps us apart.

Importance of physical contact

We’ve never realized how hard it is to live without human connection, without physical contact. We are now seeing the importance that human connection has in our lives. We are learning to value the other, the moments we were not fully present and the wish to enjoy more of each other and the world together.

The distance is showing us how important it is to be connected.

Learning how to choose

Everything in life is a choice. We have the ability to choose our own state of being, our own reality. We are capable of choosing to love over fear.

We are being invited to learn deeper ways to choose our path, to create our reality and to live the life we create for ourselves.

As you can see, there are just SO MANY reflections and invitations being made. Now it is the time to embrace yourself and work on your own journey, find your own path.

I can see a lot of more different angles for what is happening right now, and I’m here to share the energetic and the soul development angle of this invitation.

Have you considered where the virus is sitting and developing in the body?

It’s sitting in the lungs which directly affects the HEART.

It’s calling us for a change!

THE BIG INVITATION is to open your HEART massively. It’s time to heal it and transform it.

It’s time to walk with an OPEN HEART all the time and to not be afraid.

Here is what is going to happen when you move to that space:

You’ll be truly grateful!

There are just so many people who practice gratitude but have such a hard time moving into that space and feeling it. That happens because they are not aware their heart is not open.

You’ll be magnetic to your desires!

YES, that is right! Everything will start to happen as if by magic. You are finally able to receive all the goodness the universe has been wanting to give you. Trust me, this is beyond anything you can possibly imagine. 

Feel true love!

The pure connection and unconditional love. You’ll truly love and receive the same love back.

You’ll have Soul to Soul connections!

All those deep, meaningful connections are true from the soul and the soul resides in the heart.


Your world is going to change, and you’ll be the one changing it!

Yes, that is right! You’ll change the world by being and taking massive action.

Action is the natural state of your beingness as it is creation.


If you are not willing to see, feel, transform and let go of all the pain that you’ve gone through.

If you are still playing in fear, afraid of being vulnerable, afraid that someone will hurt you or still afraid to be judged, then you cannot have your heart 100 % open.

It’s impossible!

Let me tell you something, there isn’t an open and close button you can press.

Picture a cave that holds the most precious treasures inside but in order for you to access the cave, you’ve to pass through a MASSIVE rock that is guarding the entrance. 

The door is HUGE, heavy, massive and requires a lot of strength to move it and open that door. 

You can open little by little, that is true, but it is important for you to understand that it doesn’t work like French doors. It does NOT open and close whenever you want to.

That is a fallacy, an illusion.


The virus is showing us where we need to dive in and connect at a deeper level.

It is showing us the heart is the key to our evolution.

We are in full force moving into the 4th Dimensional space and this invitation is coming strong for everyone.

YOU, changemaker!

YOU, visionary leader!

You are at the forefront. The world needs YOU to dive into this.

And, of course there is more.

It’s just not doors but layers, the outer and inner layers. There is so much more!

But let’s focus on the MOST IMPORTANT thing now, which is for YOU to look at the stories, look at the illusion and the pain you are keeping – aware or unaware – in your heart space. 

It’s not an easy process but use your tools and your support system.

Remember, we are NOT meant to do it alone! We are not here to be isolated even though the lower energies are pushing us there now.

It is more powerful and easier when you do it in community with your Soul Family. 

This transformation is a MUST to step into the new world. You, that is being called to work and reach more souls, more humans, YOU NEED THIS.


We, leaders, are being invited to lead with an open heart.

Show up in your purity, divinity, humanness, knowing that you are love! True love, not just in your conscious mind, heart or body, but in ALL OF YOU. In all of your multidimensional beingness.

Leading with an open heart, means leading in trueness, in beingness in wholeness. It is all about 

BEing the SOUL you truly are.

You BEing you, doing the work and showing up is what will bring a bigger impact and the new world. 

If you’re ready to step up your game as a leader, changemaker, LEAD WITH AN OPEN HEART, AND would love to dive deeper together in community, with your Soul family, feel supported during this time and in this process send an email to [email protected]. Share this message with your loved ones to walk this journey with you.

Sending you massive love and pure consciousness.

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