Love And Light Grounding

LOVE and light grounding

How is Embodying Love and Light Practical?

Why are we doing all this spiritual work for? How does it help us in our daily lives?

There is a lot of confusion in the Spiritual arena right now, and the journey of personal growth and transformation. Many believe that they have to be outside the body, or “fly away” to the clouds, be in the Ether, to attain spirituality, and that is simply not true.

There is only one TRUTH. We are LOVE and LIGHT. It’s so important to understand that this is not just a concept, or a feeling, but who we are at our core. But, we need to ground this TRUTH to truly embody it.

Think about it this way. Where are we? Are we living in the clouds? No, we’re here, on Earth, in HUMAN bodies. If we were meant to be out in the Ether, we wouldn’t be here at all. We are on this planet as energy beings, learning to grow and expand, and to embody who we truly are.

However, right now, we’re still dancing in this duality. One minute, we feel great, and the next, not so much. This is part of the process of our growth. We’re beautiful, magnificent souls learning to bring the Love and Light into our lives, and this doesn’t happen overnight.

We tend to picture the LOVE and LIGHT out there somewhere, far away. We need to practice bringing it HERE. Practice in the moments you are the most challenged, the most triggered. Practice how to come back to TRUTH. This is about BEING in the TRUTH all the time. We ARE expanding, and we will get there. We just have to choose differently, choose to embody LOVE every day.

So, how is doing all this spiritual work useful in our daily lives?

Let’s get into real everyday life

  1. Think about something that is the opposite of LOVE and LIGHT, like human trafficking. That’s extreme, I know, but go there with me. It’s a dark place, isn’t it?

Now, try to go from there to doing something you do every day, like cleaning your house, or picking up your kids from school. Does it feel good to do these things? Do you feel like doing it?

No, it doesn’t feel good, does it? No, you don’t feel like it, right?

  1.   Think of a moment in your life when you felt pure joy and bliss. Be in that moment, and

           really feel it. Got it? Good.

Now, think about cleaning your house, or taking care of your kids…how does it feel? Think about doing something to grow your business, like doing a simple Facebook post. Feels pretty good, right?

It is because you’re coming from a place of LOVE and LIGHT. In fact, in those moments of pure JOY, you’re bringing the LOVE and LIGHT here, and you probably didn’t even know it.

Big difference, am I right?

This LOVE and LIGHT is not just woo-woo, or some “out there” concept. It’s very real. When you’re embodying it, you have more energy, you’re more in alignment with your mission, and you have more inspiration to create. The whole goal of you moving into the LOVE and LIGHT is for you to create the life you are meant to live, the life you truly want. What could be more practical than that?

When you truly tune into this, your energy starts to change on a molecular level, and the LOVE and LIGHT dissolves the lies that are stored within your subconscious. The more you tune in, the more you raise your vibration, and the more you attract that higher vibration. Then, suddenly, you no longer need to suffer, you no longer need to go through the drama, the hard stuff, and you start to affect others.

Know that THAT is the goal. You can’t change anyone else, but you can show them what they can have by truly transforming yourself. Once they feel it, they want more. Then, they start affecting others, and so on. It’s the Ripple Effect.

Make it a habit to choose differently. Choose to feel good, to be who you truly are at a molecular level. Ask your Higher Self to help you wake up the LIGHT and LOVE that you are at a cellular level. As it comes in, the blocks you have will dissipate. Be open to receive YOU. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.


Because the best way to become something is to actually practice it.

Imagine getting triggered by someone or something. When you’re triggered, envision bringing what is triggering you from the smaller part of you, the ego, to the bigger part of you, who you truly are. The bigger part is where your magic is. Tap into it, the LOVE and LIGHT. Embrace your ego, soothe it, tell it, “I love you.” Let it know that all is perfect. Say to your ego, “This if for OUR expansion.” Using the word “our” is very important, so your ego doesn’t feel left out. Drop from your mind into your heart, and feel the love you have for this smaller part of you. If your trigger is a person, imagine how you would respond to them, from your heart, and see the outcome you want to see.

It’s time to bring who you truly are forward into your interactions, especially when you’re triggered the most. And remember, practice, practice, practice!

Isn’t it time to start living the life you want?

Infinite LOVE and LIGHT,

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