Intention Is A Soul Gift

Intention is a soul gift

The October theme for one of my Facebook groups was “Soul Gifts.” We discussed many gifts throughout the month including Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Telepathy, Intuition, Energy Reading, Channeling and more.

During a Live video I did for the group, one of the members brought up that she wanted to invest in herself and although she was growing and improving, I saw that she is still challenged in her capacity to invest in herself. Later that night, while I was meditating to see what came up around this, “Intention” came through.  I could actually see the beautiful energy of Intention.

So what is Intention?  Intention has become somewhat of a “buzz” word that is used a lot, but do we really understand the true meaning of the word?  After talking about it with a sister healer friend, I realized that not everybody fully understands what Intention is.  I also realized it is a big topic.  I could easily do a two hour webinar on this topic alone, but for now, I wanted to discuss some “basics” about intention. I love to use it on Mondays in my Women’s group. I invite the Ladies to share what they intend to create for the week.  But then, I noticed that rather than setting an intention, the ladies were doing something more like a “prayer.” Intention is a bit different. It’s a very strong energy so I felt it is important to talk about it. 

Intention is a Soul Gift…and just like with other Soul Gifts, everybody has the possibility of totally awaken, embody and embrace it. Intention comes from the Soul. Intention happens when your Soul has a big desire. The word intention itself says it all – IN (from the inside) tension (a pressure).

What intention causes in you is related to passion. If you look in the dictionary, “Passion” comes from “the Passion of Christ.” It comes from pain. It is a bit like a pain inside, like a “tension.”  There is something that your Soul – not your mind, not your personality –something that your Soul is wanting to feel and have. When there is something that your Soul is wanting to have in your life, it’s going to come like a big surge of energy and desire…And it’s going to move you. When your intention is strong, when you have connected to your Soul and have grabbed that intention, when you just know – then NOTHING can stop you.

Things happen. This is what I wanted to bring awareness to, especially with the topic of money, abundance and manifestation. There are so many things that we want to create but we have to look inside and ask, “What is my INTENTION?”

When I set an intention, no matter what, not even for a second, does it cross my mind that I am not going to get it! That is how powerful intention is. Let me give you a few examples. When I was 21 years old living in Peru, I had a friend that was going to the U.S. for the winter to work, to have fun and make money. She asked me if I wanted to go with her. I needed English for my B.A., so I thought, “Sure!” But how was I going to go? I knew my dad was not going to want me to go because he was a little bit overprotective and he would use the excuse of money.

But, I wanted to go, so I declared, “I am going! I am going to set up a plan to where he cannot say ‘No’.”  I knew the only way he would say no is because of the money, so I decided I was going to figure out a way to work and to make the money to pay for my own trip. Not for a second did I focus on the word “can’t.” I just said, “Ok, I want to go, I am going to work and I am going to make the money.”

Of course there was a little bit of fear – “What if I don’t get the money?” I just thought, “Oh well,” as I had already set my intention.  Of course I made a plan B in case I didn’t make the money. I talked to a couple of friends that could lend me the money, if needed. I had the plans (A and B) laid out by the time I approached my dad. When I told him of my plans, he said, “Okay, if you are able to do it.” But I could feel in his energy that he didn’t believe I could or would get the money. Yet, I STILL felt, “Okay, fine. No worries!” I was secure in my intention. 

The next day I got three job offers at my University from three different professors that wanted me to work for them! In six months I was able to put together the money. I share this example because I knew what I wanted and I was going for it, no matter what.

Here is another example. In talking about the topic of money, every time that I have wanted something such as to take a learning course or invest in a coaching program, I would say, “Ok, I need the magic money! We are going to make it happen!” I knew I was going to have to get a loan to invest in my first business coach. I said “I know this is going to happen. I know she is going to help me and it’s going to happen.” 

I had three different places turn me down for the loan but I still told myself, “I know I’m going to get it!” Sure enough, that evening, I got it!

As you can see, Intention is something that you send out so strong that you do not doubt, even for a second, that you are going to get it.  Again, intention comes from the Soul, it is a gift. It can be developed. When you feel a desire come forth, just know that you are going to get it. Sure, you’re going to have your fears, we are Human, but still, you just go for it! 

Ask the Universe for it, and then know you are going to get it! I will admit, I’ve had about 10% doubt every time, but the other 90% allowed me to move forward with my intention. It’s a feeling of security and trust, like with the example of investing in my coach, I just knew the Universe had my back.

Remember, intention does not come from a place of fear. It does not come from a place of lack, as in, “I want to make money because I don’t have it.” That is focusing on the lack, on the pain, on the fear. That is only going to attract more lack, pain and fear.  

Instead, focus on the desire that your Soul wants to express. Your Soul is Infinite. Your Soul is Huge. You are Powerful. I promise you! If I could have a magic mirror to show you how Powerful you really are and the true level of your Soul Gifts, you would seriously be blown away. You are Powerful beyond measure.

We tend to have “stories” programmed in us that tell us such things as, we can’t get the money or that it is too hard to make it. These stories are stopping us from seeing ourselves as we really are. The stories are stopping you from feeling who you really are.

I invite you to develop your gift of intention. Where there is something that you want in your life – just go for it! Think, “This is going to happen because the Universe loves me, because I am the Universe, I am an Infinite Being, I am a Creator, and it’s going to happen because there is no other choice!”

The truth, my Dears, is that when you set up your intention, it happens – every single time. Unless you’d rather choose the lie that it won’t happen for you. I wanted to bring in this force to really activate it in you. You all have it. It has been dormant. It is a seed that has been “sleeping.” It’s in there, you just have to wake it up.

Focus on what you want.  Whatever says you can’t, IT IS A LIE! All you have to say is, “Thank you so much, but that actually doesn’t exist or it is not going to exist anymore in my reality. Thank you, Lie, for making yourself known, now I can release you, I can transform you.”

Intention is beyond the mind. Intention does not come from the mind. It comes from inside you – from your core. All you have to do is go in and reach out and it will help you to get whatever you want.

I am telling you because I’ve been doing this all my life and I know you can do it too. I see about 20% of you don’t relate so much to that feeling, but read this again because it is an activation that I’m sending you.

You are getting activated into the gift of Intention – that powerful force that goes through you, that makes your feel no matter what, you are going to get it. Again, we are humans and therefore we will have doubts. I do. 

I know eventually I will move to not having doubts, but for now, I work with my doubts. I transmute them, I bring them to light. Don’t let the 5-10% of you that doubts stop you. I notice when I am stopping myself.  I recognize that it is only ME stopping myself. Not anybody else, just me. I recognize that thoughts such as, “I can’t afford it” or “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that” are just stories. If I choose to believe the stories, well then, that’s on ME because I create my reality.

There you go Loves…I really want to transmit this energy to you. Take this in. Take it to your Core. Then check in again – What is your intention to create in your life, your week, your day…and you will fly farther than you have ever thought possible!

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