In The Dark, There Is Light…always

In the Dark, there is Light…ALWAYS!

What do you do when your heart is broken, when you are doing everything you can to ​​heal, when you pray and call for help yet feel like somehow a part of your soul is not open to receive it? What do you do when everything is hazy, your heart burns, you can’t pin down what is going on, your eyes hurt from so much crying, and your body aches because you can’t take it anymore? And all you can say is: “What was I thinking to come to this human experience?! What was I thinking…?” because indeed you chose this whether you believe and like it or not.

Your angels are saying: “We are here for you little one, we are here to support you. We are here because you are our reason to be at this moment”…​​ 

What do you do when all you want is burst open and let go of everything, but nothing you do helps? Being in that state attracts more things, things that make it all seem worse… and everything you have been doing seems it has been for all nothing.

Yet you know there is no choice…you have to stay in this body. You have to keep going.

Everything serves you…then, all you can do is SURRENDER. Just let it all out, let it be and trust that there are forces beyond your capabilities. Trust the universe. It never fails you. Just know that everything happens for a reason. And yet, in that moment of intense pain, of total loss, you forget.

When your ship is wrecking, your world seems to have ended, and there is nothing more to think or do, all you need is to remember that you are a soul and you are creating every single moment of your life. As hard as it may be at that moment, believe it…SURRENDER, because the sun ALWAYS comes out after the storm. You will not drown because it is not your time to go. You will not drown because you have help around you! Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there — they are all there even more now than ever.

WRITE, CRY OUT LOUD, SCREAM, LAUGH HYSTERICALLY, SING, if you wish. Let it all out in whatever form your body is telling you. Do it because after all, it is just energy that has to come out, energy that is ready to be released. If you do not let it out, it will keep you in a vicious cycle and will remain inside you, consuming you. BREATHE, just breathe, and think about the mountains, the lakes, the birds, the oceans, the vastness of the universe, then sink into that feeling of infinite abundance, even if only for five minutes, and let the universe take care of the rest…

During the following moments and days, keep your eyes and ears open as you receive messages and signs from the helpers, because the universe never forgets you, NEVER…You are the UNIVERSE! You are abundance personified! You are LOVE! It will happen, it has to happen, and it is meant to happen. 

Then you may hear your Angels and Spirit Guides say:

“We are holding your heart, we are showing you the path with a lantern. We are holding you from behind. All you need to do is BELIEVE that it is happening and that you are worthy. We understand that sometimes this is easier said than done. However you have to believe us, you are pure and complete, and you are the essence of love in your natural state which is your true essence. Your body is provisional . . . you never cease to exist. Surrender and you will see magic happen. Focus on your heart and you will see us and feel us. We are there for you…ALWAYS.” 

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